How Mattel utilized Barbie product catalogs to build a lasting brand

Barbie and DCatalog product catalog software collaboration

Roll out the pink carpet! The Barbie movie is charming movie-goers everywhere. With a mix of strong women storytellers and eye-catching sets; “Barbie” smashed into box offices. Backed by Mattel, this movie has scenes that are more than “Kenough” to draw in those who love the signature doll – whether you are a fan for the ages or a newcomer to the pink life. 

With a newfound surge of fondness for Barbie® toys and accessories, some questions may come up. When you see a Barbie® at your local toy store, do you ever wonder how dealers buy Barbies® from Mattel? How does Mattel produce such a high end Barbie catalogs

In this blog, we’ll explore how Mattel sells Barbies® through their Barbie® trade product catalog. Using an amazing digital publishing technology that creates an interactive solution, the eCommerce B2B Product Catalog becomes more than just a business publication, but something fun to peruse anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Keep reading to learn more!

Brand Consistency with Digital Catalogs eCommerce B2B Product Catalog Software Management

Mattel houses an iconic portfolio of consumer brands, including Barbie®. Through barbie catalogs, Mattel creates systems of play, content, and experiences that help kids unlock their full potential. Thus, Mattel sought an innovative way to showcase their products and encourage a way for dealers to mass shop products with a product catalog. 

DCatalog provides a diverse product catalog solution that allows brands to maintain consistency while delivering polished and professional catalogs to consumers. Brand consistency is important as it contains the elements of brand recognition and customer loyalty. 

Maintaining brand authority helps consumers understand what to expect from a brand. 

A digital publishing platform lets brands white label publications and match the viewer with their brand colors and logo. This keeps the look and feel consistent across different mediums and helps to maintain brand consistency. 

Generate Catalogs with Product Data Feeds 

Mattel promotes play time with Barbie® and many other brands in its catalog portfolio. There are a great many SKU numbers and collections in their inventory. It became necessary to find a way of managing and automating PDF creation. Prior to finding a Product Catalog Software Management, the intervention of a graphic designer was needed  – day in and out – to keep the catalog content evergreen.

The solution that works best is creating a catalog through product data feeds or APIs. This allows catalogs, pricelists, look books and brochures to easily get up and running. Once the content is ready, the technology enables quick delivery of the catalogs to direct consumers and distributors. 

To accomplish these goals, DCatalog’s product catalog platform offers a custom template layout. Tailor this template layout to product data fields. Generate literature with data uploads on-demand. That is the key to getting content to paginate in an automated fashion. 

DCatalog’s innovative technology enables a seamless injection of new collections, while removing discontinued products. These custom template layouts ensure that brands serve different markets. Consumers will always have access to available products for purchase. 

B2B or D2C Content & Catalog Software Management

Whether your model is B2B: relationships with other businesses or D2C: direct sales to consumers,  eCommerce B2B Product Catalog Software Management is for you. 

As a B2B and D2C company, Mattel utilizes the digital publishing solution to summarize their brand segments and include item information for easy reference. This includes case pack and MSRP information. They incorporate a shopping cart and accompanying icons. Click on the icons for additional product information and add the selected products to the cart. With a couple more clicks, create a sales quote sheet to send to sales reps or to order on Mattel’s B2B site.

Organize categories with an expandable table of contents. Add bookmark tabs to annotate sections within the catalog. Make use of automatic linking, which saves you hours of time and labor by linking products and SKUS. Incorporate multimedia elements to enhance and immerse the audience. Add video clips to showcase products. Set the mood with music. Use gif images to draw attention to different products on the page. Add slideshow carousels to allow more images of a product without overwhelming the clean look of the catalog.

These tools and features will convert viewers to purchasers by offering them an immersive and interactive experience that enhances the buying journey. 

Divide and Conquer 

If you are a big company with multiple brands, similar to Mattel, allow each brand to shine by creating individual, personalized catalogs from a full-line catalog. DCatalog’s Stitchbook Technology takes PDF personalization to the next-level.  Publish curated PDFs and presentations with pages from your digital flipbooks or library. Allow your dealers to also curate personalized catalog by selecting products that they sell to their customers! 

To put the catalog together from your existing literature, earmark the pages that will go into your new edition. These pages appear on the right side panel of the viewer. Once the pages are all added, you can reorder them as needed, delete them, or add additional pages. When you are ready, publish your Stitchbook. You will receive a link to share your personalized document. Click Open to access the link immediately, or choose Copy to Clipboard in order to share it in an email, on social media, or if you would like to embed it on your site. 

Share your new stitched together flipbook with your audience and maximize marketing opportunities. Give your different brand portfolios, product bundles, or distributors a unique voice within the digital catalog content.


With Barbie® dolls and playsets, kids can dream up adventures, discover new passions and design their worlds because if they can imagine it, their world can become it. In a similar fashion, DCatalog offers these opportunities to your business.

If your company produces D2C or B2B content for distributors or customers, DCatalog can help your audiences convert to sales through online flipbooks, price lists, lookbooks and more. Enhance the experience for your customers. Give them a buying journey they will not forget with eCommerce B2B Product Catalog Software Management. If you can dream it, we can design it and help you unleash your full sales and marketing potential. Contact a Publishing Executive today to get started on your own Dreamhouse version of your product catalog.

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