6 Ways to Make Your Digital Edition Shareable

The moment you log into any of your social media accounts, one commonly comes across posts about interesting information or products which people have shared. Have you ever wondered what makes that content share worthy? You probably haven’t given much thought to this aspect. One of the reasons why businesses are striving to make shareable […]
How to Use YouTube Videos to Market Your Brand

Allowing Your Consumer to Discover, Explore and then Purchase in a Swift and Speedy Fashion

Between today’s fast paced lifestyle and the sea of similar products in most all markets, it is absolutely key to be able to bring your brand’s product to the attention of the consumer and take them through the checkout process as quickly and easily as possible. There are only small windows of time to attract […]

Beyond Text: Enhance Digital Editions with Links and Rich Media

Firstly, what is rich media? According to, “…rich media is any form of content that deviates from normal text and static images and engages with the end user.” Rich media is interactive and engaging to viewers and can include video, podcasts and background music. Publishing through ePaperFlip’s platform allows you to integrate rich media […]
Bigstock Christmas X-mas Online Shopping

Digital Catalog Holiday Shopping Spree!

Recent trends are reflecting an increase in online shopping sales for the 2015 holiday season On average online retailers experience 10% more in sales compared to their in-store competition. This year online holiday shopping sales are up 26% and Cyber Monday sales have been experiencing a year-after-year 16% increase. The forecast is great, providing extensive […]

Digital Publishing Industry Experiencing Increasing Growth: Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

  As the quality of digital publishing is improving consumer demand is increasing. To measure this growth the Data Conversion Laboratory asked respondents about their digital publishing plans for this upcoming year. Results reflected 72.9% of respondents digitally published in 2015, with these numbers expected to increase in 2016. Businesses are turning to online publishing […]
University of Gloucesters

Flip Books for Universities

DCatalog’s digital flip book solution is utilized by numerous companies and organizations in a wide variety of markets. One of these markets is universities. A few schools that have used DCatalog’s solution are Stanford, UCLA, University of Arts, and University of Maryland. But how exactly are digital flip books useful to these schools? 1. User […]