4 Scary Good Tricks To Optimize Your Digital Publication

4 Scary Good Tricks to Optimize your Digital Publications

Go Mobile Most digital software solutions have created an all-encompassing development where you can adjust your publication to vertical view. This is the best format for mobile devices. Whether you are able to transfer your digital magazine to mobile experiences or develop a native app solution, choose to go mobile!   Consolidate Technology Some business […]
5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Mobile

5 Reasons You Should Move to Mobile

In the past few years, there has been an enormous growth in mobile technology.  Businesses and technology have happily embraced the future of consumer engagement. To keep up with mobile technology demand we have compiled five reasons why your company should invest in its mobile presence. 1) Mobile is the internet king As of 2014, […]
Shoppable Catalogs

E-commerce Marketing – 6 Ways to Stand Out

As technology evolves, marketer must change their strategy to better reach their target audience. E-commerce has taken the spotlight in the shopping industry for its convenience, accessibility and ability to reach a larger audience. We have compiled five unique strategies to help to you reach you e-commerce marketing potential. Make your Delivery System Free/Affordable Many […]
How to Build a Smart Catalog?

Enhance your static training and HR material with a digital experience

Looking to enhance your static training and HR material to a digital flipbook? Attract employees by providing an engaging digital publishing experiences. Technology has been quickly evolving, changing how society views and interact with new information. As the baby boomers transition out of the workforce and the Generation X and Gen Y start taking their […]