Building B2B Product Catalog

Building B2B Product Catalog

COVID-19 is an ever-evolving challenge that businesses are still working to overcome. With a record number of employees working remotely and social distancing requirements causing difficulties, companies that require B2B wholesale are grappling with supply chain disruptions, store closures, and changes in customer behavior–and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Given these difficulties […]
How to Create an Interactive PDF?

How to create an interactive pdf using flipbook software technology?

Users expect nothing less than seamless functionality in the digital age, and that’s exactly what interactive PDFs provide. Rather than simply serving as flat, two-dimensional documents, flip and interactive PDFs allow businesses to integrate responsive animation, relevant links, branding assets, get smart data on users and much more. Making a PDF that is interactive and […]
B2B Loyalty Programs

How to Use B2B Online Ordering Systems to Build Your Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is what ultimately guides consumers to choose one brand over another – and it’s a powerful tool for B2B companies. If you have loyal customers, you can improve your profits and grow quickly. But if you do not build this brand loyalty, you may face high churn rates, lower revenues, and difficulties reaching […]
Shoppable Catalogs

Improve the Digital Shopping Experience to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

In 2020, more than 2 billion people engage in digital shopping on a day-to-day basis, and that number will only continue to rise as social distancing maintains at foothold. Before the recent surge in remote shopping, there was already a high demand for online shopping options— and as stores continue to limit their hours and […]