3 Reasons to Love DCatalog

3 Reasons to Love DCatalog

Digital Publishing

DCatalog’s goal is to make digital publishing simple, yet meaningful. Our user-friendly publishing platform helps companies reach their audiences faster by converting their static PDFs into interactive digital flipbooks. Here are three reasons as to how DCatalog’s can boost your sales and marketing.

1. It’s accessible – Creating interactive and engaging content is even more important now that communication is largely relegated to digital outreach. With the tools available in DCatalog’s admin platform, such as the Expandable Table of Contents tab, Bookmarks, and Multimedia elements, you can design a digital edition and capture the interest of your readers.

2. It couldn’t be easier – DCatalog is a one-stop digital publishing platform loaded with interactive enhancements to help level-up sales and increase user engagement. The plug-and-play publishing platform allows you to upload, edit, and maintain content easily and in real time. Plus with integration to Analytics, you can find out how your audience really engages with your digital flipbook. From high level metrics down to each individual interaction, DCatalog tracks it all.

3. Save time and money – Printing costs money and creates paper that must be touched and passed – a troubling factor in today’s COVID world.
Uploading your PDF file to the DCatalog platform takes seconds, costs much less, and can be distributed globally in seconds. You are still placing the content into your readers’ hands, but on their tablet, smart phone, or computer instead of printing and distributing paper products.

Ready to publish with love? At DCatalog, we look forward to a new year of digital publishing and would love to help you develop engaging content. To learn more about digital publishing and the DCatalog platform, contact one of our Publishing Executives today.

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