4 Scary Good Tricks to Optimize your Digital Publications

4 Scary Good Tricks to Optimize your Digital Publications

4 Scary Good Tricks To Optimize Your Digital Publication

Go Mobile

Most digital software solutions have created an all-encompassing development where you can adjust your publication to vertical view. This is the best format for mobile devices. Whether you are able to transfer your digital magazine to mobile experiences or develop a native app solution, choose to go mobile!


Consolidate Technology

Some business use different solutions to solve different aspects of their digital publishing needs. But why have different platforms for your mobile, analytical and digital needs if you can encompass these different features in one source? Save time and money by choosing a “one stop” solution and consolidating digital publishing technology. DCatalog that combines an array of features, such as native applications, analytics, enhanced multimedia and private cloud, to simplify your digital needs.

Be Interactive (Use Video)

Use video storytelling to drive viewership to external platforms such as YouTube and drive consumer engagement. Major social media platforms are transitioning from written statuses to videos to communicate with their audience. By linking your digital publications to YouTube expand viewership and create a relationship with your customers through the comment section. Similarly, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow for two-way communication where you can build relationships with customers of an informal platform. This will grant a positive rapport between your business and the consumer.


Be Found On Search Engines

Your digital publications can be a great source to grow your online presence and build meaningful relationship. If you already have a paper catalog, you can easily create a digital catalog by simply uploading the original PDF. When you digitize your PDF files, every spread in your catalog will appear as a separate webpage in the search results. This will create a more SEO friendly basis for your digital publication.

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