5 Reasons You Should Move to Mobile

5 Reasons You Should Move to Mobile

5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Mobile

In the past few years, there has been an enormous growth in mobile technology.  Businesses and technology have happily embraced the future of consumer engagement. To keep up with mobile technology demand we have compiled five reasons why your company should invest in its mobile presence.


1) Mobile is the internet king

As of 2014, smartphones and tablets have taken the reigns in internet usage. This means that more people access the internet from a mobile device than from a laptop or desktop. Mobile devices have also become the preferred way of consuming media, people spend an average of 2.8 hours per day on their phones and tablets, as opposed to 2.4 hours on traditional computers.

2) Consumers love apps

Over the years people have downloaded and used a staggering number of apps on their tablets and smartphones. There have been over 130 billion downloads from the iOS App Store to this date. For Google Play store, it is a bit harder to say, because Google hasn’t released any new information since 2013, but some estimates say the Play Store is close to hitting the 200 billion downloads mark. These are some huge numbers, and your company should definitely take advantage of this platform.


3) Mobile is the future of marketing

There are about 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and researchers expect that by 2018, half of the entire world population will own a smartphone. This is a huge target audience for marketing purposes!

4) Search rules the mobile internet

Almost half of the research done on mobile starts in a search engine and 83% of those searches are via Google. In April 2015, Google altered its search algorithm, to automatically prioritize mobile optimized sites in the search results. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, your site gets a lower spot in the search results. This can significantly lower your page visits because research shows that the first 5 results account for more than 65% of all the clicks.

5) Patience is not a mobile virtue

Mobile users generally have less patience, the bounce rate of mobile websites is much higher than their desktop counterparts. This means that mobile user is more likely to leave your site if they experience inconveniences like long loading times or complicated navigation. Google has found that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% of users would visit a competitor’s site instead.

If your content is not optimized for mobile platforms, you are missing out on potential views and revenue. At DCatalog provides digital publishing software solutions, such as digital editions and native applications that work on all platforms including mobile devices.

By: Victor Ronsyn | Content Writer

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