5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Publications

5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Publications

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So, you have converted your PDF to a digital flipbook? Good — you are headed in the right direction. Now, in order to engage more readers and increase your brand awareness, it is time to share your digital publication. Here are our 5 top tricks to promote your digital publication:

1. Company website: While this may seem self-evident, promoting your digital publication on your company website is essential to increase your readers’ engagement. This can be done through creating a banner, clickable footer, or embedding the digital publication directly into the website. The convenience of a digital publication format allows for both an informative and enjoyable experience that is sure to draw attention from possible customers.

2. Social media: According to Social Media Today, there are 2.79 billion social media users worldwide. 2.79 billion — in other words, a lot of people. With social media growing faster than ever, what better way to promote your digital publication than through free platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter? This straightforward approach in which you can ask questions and encourage discussion creates a powerful and crucial human connection with your customers. Additionally, by incorporating your digital publication into social media posts, you can expose your audience to the many exciting products that your company offers.

3. Marketing campaigns: There are three key parts of a strong marketing campaign email. First, create a captivating and friendly message to engage the readers in your email. Make sure to be clear about the reason for the email: Is there a newsletter, product update, or an annual sale? Second, include a call to action. These short phrases such as “shop now” and “click here to begin” reinforce a clear path of action to your readers. Third, present a link to your digital publication. The publication will appear as a cherry on top, and once the reader opens it, they will be presented with a world more of content such as information about the company, and offer services and products.

4. Email signature: Let every email you send act as a powerful marketing tool by including a link to your digital publication in your business email signature. This sneaky promotion tool leads customers directly to your digital publication with no additional cost.

5. QR Code: What is a QR code? QR stands for “quick response” and refers to the little black and white squares that often appear on magazines, tickets, newspapers, food packages, and business cards. QR codes are an easy and wonderful technique to enhance your digital presence. Customers can simply scan the code with their phone, and your digital publication will instantly appear on their screen. Without needing to type in a URL or click on links, this approach creates a positive first impression of your company, while at the same time allowing the viewer to be immersed in the interactive digital experience that you have created.


By: Amira Garewal- Content Writer

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