8 Ways to Optimize Your Holiday Content

8 Ways to Optimize Your Holiday Content

Eight Ways to Optimize Your Holidays Content












The Holiday season has officially started! With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year coming up, your digital editions have the potential to drive revenue, and take advantage of the profound holiday retail realm.

Optimize your viewership and reach your target market by implementing these eight marketing strategies:


  1. Optimize on-page content and keyword search

To make your website more accessible and able to reach higher SEO viewership, include keywords in heading, page title, image alt text and meta descriptions.  In your website pages, use engaging language to maximize your reach.

  1. Create holiday oriented content

The best way to create targeted content during the holidays is to appeal to emotion. Develop content that incorporates feelings of family gatherings, friendship, and gratitude. Use high-resolution photos and graphics to embellish your publications. Play on ideas with holiday gift guides and advice on shopping budgets. Be sure to publish blogs a month prior to the holiday to give your content time to circulate on the internet.

  1. Create holiday sub-domain

Sub-domains are a great way to reach SEO goals. By creating a subdomain (i.e. yoursite.com/holiday-gift-guide/gifts-for-moms) you can continue to target holiday content viewership in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Subdomains allow for a successful delivery of information, you are able to outweigh the hassles and demands of taking care of more than one site.

  1. Customize website for holiday theme

Spice up your website for the holiday season. Your web page is your home, make it cozy and inviting for the holidays by implementing colors that correlate to the holiday season and customize your banner to match your theme. For example, add leaves your logo during the fall or poinsettias for the holiday months.

  1. Create easy-to-share campaign

Beautiful content should be easily shared. Create holiday digital catalogs, brochures or flyers shareable between your customers and their friends by adding a link to share on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The best way to reach customers is by references, by making your content easily shareable your customers are able to email your digital catalogs to their friends and family.

  1. Consistent theme for all your marketing content

Develop a seamless experience through all your marketing content. For example, match the holiday theme of your website to your native applications, catalog, and print material.

  1. Repetition sells

Market your holiday content as often as you can. Send direct emails, newsletters, holiday card coupons, post on social media multiples times per day. Make your content seen.

  1. Direct marketing

Link your digital content in newsletters and direct e-mails. Most people check their emails every day. Direct marketing is a great opportunity to reach the consumer. It’s accessible, it increases brand awareness, measurable because you can track how many people view your email and it’s cost effective.

By: Andrea Linhares| Marketing Content Writer

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