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4 Scary Good Tricks To Optimize Your Digital Publication

4 Scary Good Tricks to Optimize your Digital Publications

Go Mobile Most digital software solutions have created an all-encompassing development where you can adjust your publication to vertical view. This is the best format for mobile devices. Whether you are able to transfer your digital magazine to mobile experiences or develop a native app solution, choose to go mobile!   Consolidate Technology Some business […]
5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Mobile

5 Reasons You Should Move to Mobile

In the past few years, there has been an enormous growth in mobile technology.  Businesses and technology have happily embraced the future of consumer engagement. To keep up with mobile technology demand we have compiled five reasons why your company should invest in its mobile presence. 1) Mobile is the internet king As of 2014, […]
Create Holiday Catalogs That Will Increase Sales

5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Publications

So, you have converted your PDF to a digital flipbook? Good — you are headed in the right direction. Now, in order to engage more readers and increase your brand awareness, it is time to share your digital publication. Here are our 5 top tricks to promote your digital publication: 1. Company website: While this […]
Build a Smart Catalog

6 Different Strategies to Enhance Sponsorships in Your HTML5 Flipbook Publication

We understand that sponsorships pay a big role in many digital publications. Build relationships between your sponsors and consumers by following these six tips to enhance your PDF to html5 publications. External linking features Drive traffic to your sponsorships by using external links in your digital publications. You can create flow between your content and […]

6 Ways to Make Your Digital Edition Shareable

The moment you log into any of your social media accounts, one commonly comes across posts about interesting information or products which people have shared. Have you ever wondered what makes that content share worthy? You probably haven’t given much thought to this aspect. One of the reasons why businesses are striving to make shareable […]
Eight Ways to Optimize Your Holidays Content

8 Ways to Optimize Your Holiday Content

                    The Holiday season has officially started! With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year coming up, your digital editions have the potential to drive revenue, and take advantage of the profound holiday retail realm. Optimize your viewership and reach your target market by implementing these eight marketing […]
A Digital Holiday Catalog: Dont Miss Out on This Seasons Selling Machine

A Digital Holiday Catalog: Don’t Miss Out on This Selling Machine

Do you want to increase sales this holiday season?  The holidays are crazy, especially for businesses. With organizations competing for billions of dollars worth of holiday shopping, the pressure is on to maximize sales. Although it’s a traditional marketing technique, we find that holiday catalogs are a tried and true way to generate holiday sales. […]
Flash VS HTML5

Adobe Flash vs HTML 5: Who Will Win This Cold War?

If you need effective content on the web that is both interactive as well as engaging, then your solution utilizes Adobe Flash as well as HTML5. Some consider HTML 5 to be the better technology as almost 82% of the web browsers support this. However, others argue that Flash has been around for a longer […]
How to Use YouTube Videos to Market Your Brand

Allowing Your Consumer to Discover, Explore and then Purchase in a Swift and Speedy Fashion

Between today’s fast paced lifestyle and the sea of similar products in most all markets, it is absolutely key to be able to bring your brand’s product to the attention of the consumer and take them through the checkout process as quickly and easily as possible. There are only small windows of time to attract […]
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Benefits of Turning Your Catalog into a Native Application

In addition to digital flip books, ePaperFlip also converts PDF to apps. DCatalog takes care of the creation process and submits the app to the iTunes App Store, Apple Newsstand, and the Google Play Android market for approval. After we build the app, you can easily make updates to it in minutes. You can also […]