Benefits of Turning Your Catalog into a Native Application

Benefits of Turning Your Catalog into a Native Application

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In addition to digital flip books, ePaperFlip also converts PDF to apps. DCatalog takes care of the creation process and submits the app to the iTunes App Store, Apple Newsstand, and the Google Play Android market for approval. After we build the app, you can easily make updates to it in minutes. You can also incorporate your logo and branding materials to give your app the same look and feel as your company or organization. Native apps are a great way for your audience to view your catalogs and they include a number of features: Target a Larger Audience: Today, 47% of consumers access content through native platforms, such as apps. Turning your catalog into an app and making it available through multiple app stores allows more people to access and read it. Viewers can easily share content from your catalog app through email and various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at the click of a button. This allows your content to reach a larger audience and increase its visibility tremendously.

Online and Offline Viewing: Allow viewers accessibility to your application anywhere and at any time. Once your readers have downloaded the content inside your app they will be able to view it both online and offline without worrying about needing an internet connection.

Push Notifications: With the native app solution, you can send push notifications to your readers. You can utilize this feature to potentially let them know about new editions or to send them coupon codes if your catalog has an online store. This feature, if utilized effectively, is a great market influencing tool that will bring more traffic to your mobile application. Search Function: The app’s search function allows viewers to look for titles, keywords, product numbers and phrases within each individual edition inside an app. This is an easy, user-friendly way for readers to navigate through content. eCommerce: Does your catalog display products for sale? The native app solution has integrated wish list and shopping cart capabilities, so your readers can browse and shop directly from within the app. This eliminates the possibility of losing a customer that has no choice but to navigate from a digital catalog to the website store to make a purchase.

Analytics: Get to know your audience’s reading habits and measure your catalog’s success with the app solution’s integrated analytics. With analytics, you will be able to track the number of downloads, links clicked on, time spent reading, pages viewed, and more information about your app’s traffic and your readers’ behavior. This data can be incredibly valuable to your companies marketing team.

Monetizing Your App: Generate a digital revenue stream through your catalog app. Display advertisements through iAds or Google ads or sell advertisements directly to businesses and get paid whenever your readers click on them. You can also offer a free app to existing subscribers, sell your app, or offer a free app with in-app purchases of subscriptions or individual issues. Other features include portrait and landscape views, zoom, rich media, video, audio, and much more. Contact ePaperFlip today to start creating your native app! By: Maayan Zadman, Social Media Content Writer

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