Design an eCatalog to Benefit Your Blog

Design an eCatalog to Benefit Your Blog


With all the technology that exists today, where would you look if you wanted to find out more information on a product or service you were interested in– online right? When we find ourselves looking through an online page flipping “catalog” we are actually viewing digital content called a ‘flipbook.’ This online platform generally offers plenty of advantages to the consumer. These flipbooks or eCatalogs can increase your revenue, eliminate printing costs, and deliver the correct products and services to the right users, clients, and those who know nothing of your product or service. We as a society, continue to gravitate towards the online environment making it important for the online businesses to provide a great shopping experience. These eCatalogs are meant to enhance your brand and act as a virtual point and click shopping environment with CTAs and power words. Here are a few tips in designing and distributing your online publications to ensure this format is utilized to its fullest potential. Follow these tips closely to make sure that you increase conversion rates and also make sure to do your own extensive research as well.

  • Look for flipbook software that offers an HTML5 format. This format ensures your content is viewed on all mobile devices without any extra downloads, special readers,  or hassle.
  • Make sure your content is rich in video files, audio files, links, and other interactive material. Create as many interactive elements as you can to separate yourself from a static PDF.
  • Brand, brand, brand. If you are allowed to – might as well do it.
  • Make use of the social integration and social media share options. With just one click your published content can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Some software offers the option to automatically optimize the content to be  SEO friendly , making you stand out from the rest of the pack.
  • You also have the ability for offline viewing
  • Last but not least, make it an app! What’s more helpful than having all the above features and a mobile app? Nothing really.

All these tips and features can be found online. There are a lot of reviews that are presented side by side making it easier for a new publisher to decide which one is best for them. Get out there today, and work on your own research to become just as successful and innovative as Bill Gates! Melanie Han Social Media/Content Writer

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