How to Market Your Digital Catalog

How to Market Your Digital Catalog

How to Market Holiday Digital Catalog

As Black Friday approaches, many marketing departments are going to be working around the clock to execute a successful marketing campaigns. Display ads, email marketing, and retargeting are some of the most common marketing strategies, but an even better way to congregate marketing content and e-commerce is through digital catalogs. We have compiled six different strategies to make sure you sleigh this holiday season.

The Holiday Look

First impressions go a long way. A well thought-out catalog will leave a lasting impression on customer and entice them to continue their shopping experience. Themes and colors that appeal to the Holiday season are a great way to display your products. Opt for colors and symbols that evoke the message you want to your digital catalog to give. For example, reds, greens, plaid, icy tones and sparkles for different page spreads promotes an overall holiday feel to the publication.

Video and Pop-up boxes

Holiday shopping can be hectic! Simplify the shopping experience by creating an e-commerce catalog that is practical for your customers and optimize your original content by embellishing your editions with special features such as video and image pop-ups that are linked to a shopping cart. This creates an easily accessible product so your customers can breeze through their holiday shopping list.

Call to action

A strategic way to increase your sales is by implementing a clear call to action, preferably in the form of a button. Place social media handles on the pages with the most important content so that it can be easily shared with your targeted audience.

Direct-mail postcards

Direct-mail is the biggest trend in marketing strategies at the moment. Brands are able to reach returning customers by conveniently showing up on their inbox. This will allow more viewership of your digital catalog. Encourage customers to take their holiday shopping experience from their inbox to e-commerce catalog by including pop-ups coupon codes. Distribution of digital catalog through e-mail can also drive customers to your website through your digital editions.

Website Platforms

On the flipside, drive traffic to your digital editions by linking your catalog on your website. Include the catalog on the first page for better viewership pf your holiday content.

Personal Signature

Another great way to market your holiday digital catalog is to link it at the bottom of your email’s personal signature. Companies can link their digital catalog to customer support emails or newsletter emails to further reach existing and potential customers.

By: Andrea Linhares| Marketing Content Writer

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