Digital Publishing Industry Experiencing Increasing Growth: Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

Digital Publishing Industry Experiencing Increasing Growth: Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!


As the quality of digital publishing is improving consumer demand is increasing. To measure this growth the Data Conversion Laboratory asked respondents about their digital publishing plans for this upcoming year. Results reflected 72.9% of respondents digitally published in 2015, with these numbers expected to increase in 2016. Businesses are turning to online publishing to take advantage of error-free, high quality publishing. Top 5 Benefits Received from a Digital Publication:

1. Simplicity Today there are over 2.5 billion internet users worldwide, it’s inevitable that your customers will be found here. Make access easier for your customers by putting your catalog online, where they already spend the majority of their time. Create a stunning online publication to help capture the attention of your audience. Most businesses today have already embraced the use of websites to increase business sales. Digital catalogs will blend seamlessly into a website, while enhancing your brand, and giving you a competitive advantage.

2. Do Business 24 hours a Day Successful marketing today happens around the clock. Online publications can help you deliver the right product, to the right consumer, at the right time. Increasing your brands visibility by creating a digital catalog will extend your business hours and increase your sales. Digital publications offer the ability to implement new updates immediately, keeping your customers aware of any new changes instantly.

3. Use Rich Media Embedding rich media within your online edition can help you close the gap between your product and the consumer. Online videos provide your customers with quality purchasing information, simplifying their buying experience. According to Internet Retailer, consumers feel 52% more confident in their online purchases when product videos are available. Creating compelling videos to enhance the shopping experience is now an important part of the buying decision, and can be easily implemented within a digital catalog.

4. Cut Costs Using a digital publication can significantly cut costs for your business while enhancing your customer’s experience. With no limit on pages, a digital publication can provide you with the flexibility needed to capture your market share. This eco-friendly publishing allows for instant updates and changes to be made conveniently, providing you with the peace of mind of having an error-free publication.

5. Tailor your Content with Analytics Online publications allow you to track your customer’s digital experience and tailor your content to their preferences. By better understanding your customers, you can easily satisfy their demands. Standout from the competitors by providing relevant information in a compelling digital catalog to heighten your customers shopping experience.

By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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