How to Use ePaperFlip’s Digital Publishing Software for Content Marketing?

How to Use ePaperFlip’s Digital Publishing Software for Content Marketing?

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If you are trying to increase your visibility in social media then ePaperFlip’s digital publishing software is a solution that can help you accomplish your goal. ePaperFlip provides a full content marketing solution that can efficiently work to increase your visibility. ePaperFlip is a flipbook software tool that can convert your PDF to a digital edition that can be viewed on any web or mobile browser. Our technology is able to automatically recognize the viewing device and uses that to provide the reader with the optimal viewing experience. ePaperFlip’s digital publishing tool allows content marketers to repurpose reports, magazines, eBooks, newsletters and more, by taking the upload of the content and generating a link that can be shared on any online social channel. This will result in a digital publication that reaches a larger group of readers who are ready to engage and interact with it. You can expect to enjoy the following benefits from the ePaperFlip software:

  • User Friendly Publishing – It only takes a few minutes for you to upload your existing PDF and have it converted to a shareable digital publication.
  • Suitable For Large and Small Companies – TThe broad spectrum of features that this page turning software provides makes it great for companies big and small. Users include Sam’s Club, ING, UCLA, and more.
  • Social Media Integration – Your current audience on social media will be able to access your content directly and the integrated sharing system allows your readers to easily spread the word.
  • Get Measurable Results – Being able to measure and analyze all of your content marketing strategies is in an important key to your publications success which is why ePaperFlip has integrated Google Analytics. This allows you to understand your reader’s behavior and optimize your strategies for the greatest success.

By integrating our software into you content marketing strategies with your existing PDFs you can enjoy a large group of benefits. If reaching a larger audience through content you already have sounds attractive to you, here is how you can get started. How To Get Started With ePaperFlip’s Page Turning Software?

  • Register For Your Free Trial – You get 14 days of free access to explore everything this solution can do for you and your content marketing. No credit card is required to try it out!
  • Upload a Your First Piece of Content – IIt only takes minutes for you to create and optimized digital publication that will attract the attention of readers through search results, social, and mobile traffic for as long as it is online. Every time you upload an new publication you are only expanding on this and maximizing the life and effectiveness of each publication.
  • Select a Basic, Pro, or Enterprise Solution – We have solution for everyone, no matter the size of your budget. There is a package to fill your needs.

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