E-commerce Marketing – 6 Ways to Stand Out

E-commerce Marketing – 6 Ways to Stand Out

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As technology evolves, marketer must change their strategy to better reach their target audience. E-commerce has taken the spotlight in the shopping industry for its convenience, accessibility and ability to reach a larger audience. We have compiled five unique strategies to help to you reach you e-commerce marketing potential.

Make your Delivery System Free/Affordable

Many customers exit out of a cart before checkout due to shipping costs. Stay ahead of the competition by providing affordable to free shipping in your e-commerce website.

Invest in Storytelling

Ad Blockers are taking over the internet. No one wants distracting images blocking sought out content from being seen. However, ads are an important aspect of e-commerce marketing, so rather than being blocked from the nuance, invest in captivating ads by incorporating storytelling in ads rather than “flash sale” signs.

Cross-Channel Journey: A Shopping Experience That is Accessible on All Devices

Millennials and the Gen Z demographics are the future of the e-commerce market and the best way to market these generations is to provide a shopping experience across a myriad of mobile devices. Nowadays the shopping experience will start from seeing an item on social media and following a link that will later be opened on an IPad and finally purchased on a desktop.

It’s important to prioritize mobile support for e-commerce platforms, create an easily accessible platform where consumers can link to your website, create a shareable wish list and a cart that saves search history so that the content can be reopened on different devices.

e-Commerce Digital Editions

Now days you can create a captivating shopping experience using our digital catalogs with html5 technology. This solution allows you to keep your consumer’s concentration where it needs be, inside the catalog! Shoppers will have the ability to add items to the cart, in a point, click and shop user experience. Increase your online sales and revenue by providing more access to the products you sell online.

Analytics is Key

Use analytical tools to study purchase behavior within your e-commerce website. Track clicks, time spent on a page and back linking to better target your audience. Many digital solutions have analytics systems within their platform. Digital editions, for example, integrate directly with proprietary analytics. To better develop insight into the usage of your digital retail catalogs, gain understanding of how your products are being consumed and keep you informed about the power of your virtual catalogs, opt for an all-inclusive digital solution.

Play the Martech Game

Martech refers to marketing technology. It is important to focus on key technologies rather than all of them. Although marketing technology provides an array of strategic information, the number of options can often distract companies from hitting their target. Learn which technologies can best assess your needs and understand how marketing technologies work in your field.

Finally, learn tools that promote fluid integration of marketing technologies. As previously mentioned, the shopping experience is merging across multiple devices, there are marketing tools to help the customer follow along with the experience, from Instagram to a Facebook ad to the website, and create a unique and fluid shopping experience.

By: Andrea Linhares |Marketing Content writer

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