How to Build a Smart Catalog?

How to Build a Smart Catalog?

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Studies show that over half, 51%, of Americans prefer to online shop rather than in-store. By engaging in eCommerce, companies see increases in sales and revenue by providing more access to the products that are sold online. Digital Catalogs increase the time consumers spend online shopping when compared to the original website. It is not uncommon to see an improvement in the range of 20-40% in the conversion rate from browsing the website to a digital catalog. eCommerceFlip technology can create a selling machine from a digital catalog!

5 ways in which eCommerce will help to transform a catalog into a shopping experience:

1- Integration

eCommerce technology can link a company’s previously owned commerce engine to their digital catalog. This creates a shopping experience customers are used to; resulting in a selling machine!

2-Polygon Linking

Polygon linking technology captures customers’ attention by adding clickable shopping icons to a catalog. Highlighted shapes and images, of a company’s products, will attract customers to buy!

3- Rich Media and Link Management

By adding videos to a catalog, a company can further customers’ unique shopping experience. In addition, automatic linking technology uses a link recognition tool to search for a product ID and SKU number for effective shopping.

4-Wish List

The wishlist can be used to build an order from selected items. Shoppers can then conveniently share the wishlist directly to their organization members.


Google analytics allows a company to track the amount of views a catalog receives monthly and more specifically which pages are receiving the most views/clicks. These analytics allow a company to see improvements and justify any changes that have been made to their monthly catalogs.

Through online digital catalog advanced eCommerce technology a company can increase sales through this unique customer shopping experience. It can help to create a selling machine from a digital catalog!

  By: Victoria Walsh/ Content Writer

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