eCommerce Publishing Tools for Manufacturing Companies

eCommerce Publishing Tools for Manufacturing Companies

eCommerce Tools for Manufacturing

eCommerce Publishing Tools for Manufacturing Companies

In the 21st century, manufacturing companies and online sales no longer exist in separate realities—as the whole world evolves to a more digital, modern era, manufacturing companies must necessarily follow suit.

Though it was already clear that manufacturing companies needed to keep their practices current in 2020, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic made this fact glaringly apparent. As more and more business will be conducted virtually for the foreseeable future, eCommerce tools for manufacturing are more relevant than ever. In order to survive the trials and tribulations of this global pandemic (and what lies beyond), manufacturers need to reevaluate their strategies to meet the demands of the modern world.

Accommodating the Contemporary Requirements of the Manufacturing Industry

Modern clients—even those shopping for manufacturing solutions—expect a seamless experience in each of their digital interactions. When businesses consider their digital content and the eCommerce tools necessary for manufacturing companies, they should take special care to ensure that they have covered these most essential facets.

Content and Product Management Solutions — Accomplished manufacturing businesses often find themselves with a plethora of informational and promotional assets. When they convert those assets to digital form, it can be difficult to keep them organized. Businesses need to seek out effective systems for categorizing and arranging their content in a way that readers can easily navigate and digest.

Solutions like DCatalog’s Virtual Library Rack take all of the stress out of publishing content for businesses still finding their footing in this ultra-modern world. With easy filtering enabled through the DCatalog cross search tool, the virtual library rack makes it easy for clients to find exactly what they’re looking for, and for businesses to deftly take control of their digital strategy in 2020.

New Technologies and Integrations — Staying on top of the newest innovations in the tech world can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Many manufacturing companies simply lack the manpower and skill set to handle the task all on their own. Still, the easier manufacturing companies can make it for clients to complete online sales through their digital assets, the more likely they are to see conversions taking place.

DCatalog allows seamless integrations into content created on our platform, meaning businesses will have no problem adding the marketing automation, CMS, VMS, and eCommerce tools that the manufacturing companies are already utilizing into their digital assets.

eCommerce Capabilities — As in-person sales simply aren’t possible for many businesses at the moment, eCommerce efforts have been forced to undergo serious growth in recent months within the manufacturing industry. Even once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it’s likely that a more virtual-focused approach to sales will remain in its wake.

A digital flipbook that engages readers through its functional capabilities and its user-focused approach will always net more sales than a solution that simply feels flat. DCatalog helps businesses create flipbooks that are visually engaging, but that also make it incredibly easy for readers to complete purchases directly with built-in checkout features. Our shoppable catalogs and digital order forms simplify the purchase experience to keep businesses relevant through the COVID pandemic and beyond.

Brand Recognition — In a sea of businesses working double-time to stand out from the competition, the best asset businesses have at their disposal is simply their own unique personality and voice. From logo to color palette, every piece of digital content should be imbued with branding assets.

DCatalog provides custom white labels to make the branding process simpler. Rather than spending hours fussing with their own code to effectively integrate branding, businesses who utilize our platform can complete the work in just minutes.

Product Linking — When readers engage with a business’s digital assets, they shouldn’t have to hunt around to find more information about a product they’re interested in. However, most manufacturers simply don’t have time to manually link every single product mentioned in a catalog.

Fortunately for businesses that utilize DCatalog, our automatic polygon linking tool recognizes product ID and SKU numbers to generate links without requiring any extra effort, arguably demonstrating one of the most beneficial eCommerce tools for manufacturing companies.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking — It’s vital for manufacturing businesses to have a firm handle on which aspects of their digital assets are gaining traction and which components seem to lose readers’ interest quickly, but integrating an accurate analytics function into digital content can feel daunting.

With the analytics viewer on DCatalog, businesses can gain insight into how many views a page is receiving, how much time readers are spending on individual pages, which keywords are being searched most often, and more.

Omnichannel Approaches — When it comes to the internet, nothing happens in a vacuum. The beauty of digital solutions is their vast potential for easy circulation among potential clients, but if they’re not properly formatted for sharing then that potential is wasted.

DCatalog makes social media sharing a breeze with integrated sharing functions incorporated for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There’s no denying that the past months have spurred on material changes that are bound to have lasting implications for the way that businesses in the manufacturing industry approach their online sales and digital content. DCatalog understands the requirements of a modern strategy, and we’re here to make it as seamless as possible for businesses—get started with our platform today. 

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