Engage With Your Readers: Top 3 Ways to Use a Pop-Up

Engage With Your Readers: Top 3 Ways to Use a Pop-Up

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The truth is, pop-ups do work. When used well, they provide an opportunity to for viewers to easily subscribe to a company newsletter, catalogs or magazines and receive a free trial to a service, or find out about premium content. Of course, it all depends on your ability to use pop-ups well. But don’t fear – Keep reading to learn our top 3 ways to use a pop-up.

1. Introduce your digital edition

Immediately after your readers open your digital flipbook, an exciting pop-up appears to welcome them to the digital edition. Engage your readers from the first moment, through an informative and simple welcome pop-up. Additionally, you have the chance to orient your readers on the content they will be viewing.

2. Promote a new product or service 

We all love feeling special, and what makes someone feel more special than receiving a discount to their favorite product? If you don’t want to let your customers miss out on an upcoming offer within your next digital catalog, pop-ups are the perfect tool to spread the word. 

3. Increase your mailing list

You may be wondering why you need a mailing list. Put simply, email lists are a guaranteed way to reach your readers. This is because, unlike social media sites, emails will remain in the viewer’s inbox until they are opened, where as social media posts can be easily left unseen when they fall too far back in their feed. Even better, combine the offer to subscribe to the mailing list with a coupon to incentivize viewers to subscribe.  Some customers may feel hesitant giving away their email address; Therefore, including a short sentence explaining your privacy policy and stating that their email address will be kept confidential can go a long way.

There is evidence that this pop-up approach works. According to Darren Rowse, a photography blogger, the number of subscribers on his blog each day increased from 40 to 400 simply by adding a pop-up. Similarly, Nikki McGonigal, a craft blogger, reports that after introducing a lightbox pop-up, his subscription rate increased from 0.4% to 5.5%. This means 1375% more subscribers – So why not use a pop-up?   

A few final tips:

Of course, it is not the pop-up itself that does the trick; The content of the pop-up truly determines how effective your pop-up will be. Here is some advice to make your pop-up the best it can be.

  • Keep it simple: Readers want to get to your content as soon as possible, so make your pop-up include just a short and direct message
  • Strategize: Before publishing your pop-up on your digital edition, make sure to test your pop-up on different devices to make sure the content is clearly viewable on each one
  • Prioritize their time: When asking viewers to sign up for a newsletter, remember that they don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time typing in their contact information. Ask for only their email – not their name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Enhance your pop-up content by creating a call to action that is relevant to your target consumers

No matter what you hope to achieve, you can accomplish your business goals using pop-ups.  Check out DCatalog’s new pop-up feature!

By: Amira Garewal – Content Writer

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