The Evolution of Marketing

The Evolution of Marketing

Effective marketing is one of the essential needs in becoming a successful business. It is true that for unknown reasons there few that are extremely successful in marketing when compared to others and overall the marketing eras can be divided up into seven different eras. The first is the Simple Trade Era where it occurred during the pre-industrial revolution time period where many just shouted for their products in method of advertisement and bargained for the remaining.

The Production Era occurred in the 1860’s and proceeded until the 1920’s. Mass production increased because of the industrial revolution and with so many options in the marketplace the competitive edge to make a corporation stand out actually ignited the idea of “marketing.” After the Production Era the Sales Era (1920’s – 1940’s) follows right after, where many found it difficult to readily sell everything that they have already produced. Competition dramatically increased and commoditization emerged. After that, the archetype pushed towards the end of World War II with the economic boom and fostered the emergence of the Marketing Department Era.

Here many companies realized that business does not solely survive on the current sales of the product but rather the continuous sales and introduction of new products to match the times increased. Here, many stopped relying on just advertisements on the walls, bulletin boards, but rather through phone calls and with very little television. In the most technological standards the evolution of old marketing ended with the Marketing Company Era where the marketing concept was to address the customer needs and therefore all business endeavors would become successful, marketing became compartmentalized and became the goal of the business. It started in the 1960’s and is still active today.

Besides the banners and phone calls and television ads customers and businesses had a disconnect. The sixth era is identified as the Relationship Marketing Era where the goal is to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the customer, giving value and high communication. Soon enough, that was not good enough and in early 2009 that’s where the current marketing era immerged, the Social/Mobile Marketing Era. Focusing on real time connections and social exchanges based on the relationships based on the consumers and their permission-based or opt-in relationships. Marketing now has solely operated on standards and with it being 2014, many have started to leave the nest and experiment with something on another level. Digital catalogs produced by digital publishing software offers an interactive and engaging platform for consumers to understand and visualize the new and approved products.

With HTML 5 technology many of the catalogs are viewed with intense speed as well as compatibility with a number of mobile devices and viewed offline and online as well. In the end, as we transition from relationship marketing and immersing ourselves in social/mobile marketing, opportunities exist to grab the market at another angle and with others breaking free and contributing to flipbook marketing, maybe others should do the same and feel that success rate increase. Melanie Han Social Media/Content Writer

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