Flip Books for Universities

Flip Books for Universities

University of Gloucesters

DCatalog’s digital flip book solution is utilized by numerous companies and organizations in a wide variety of markets. One of these markets is universities. A few schools that have used DCatalog’s solution are Stanford, UCLA, University of Arts, and University of Maryland. But how exactly are digital flip books useful to these schools?

1. User Friendly and Attractive Flip books are a great way to display your content in an engaging and visually appealing way. Many of the universities that utilize our solution have used it to digitize their newsletters, annual reports, eGuides, brochures, and student handbooks. With DCatalog’s solution, you are be able to enhance your edition with videos, audio clips and photos, orientation and school calendars and maps of your campus.

2. Easy to Share You can easily make your flip book content accessible to students, teachers, faculty and any other readers through the university’s website or through emails and social media. You can also allow your viewers to share your content with the click of a button with DCatalog’s on click share feature.

3. TOC and Internal Links Editions that have many pages, such as handbooks and reports, are difficult to flip through and navigate when they are in the form of PDFs or print editions. One advantage that a digital flip book provides is the ability to use an interactive table of contents. Viewers can click on the table of contents sections or anywhere else links are used and instantly be taken directly to the page they want to view. This creates a seamless and user-friendly viewing experience.

4. Analytics DCatalog’s digital editions include integrated Google Analytics intergration, which records number of page views, time spent inside an edition or on a page, links clicked, number of visitors, keywords searched, and more. This allows you to track your viewers’ behavior and reading habits to get a better understanding of how they are consuming and interacting with your content.

5. Viewable on Any Device Converting your material into digital flip books allows your viewers to access your content on any device. Flip books are both smartphone and tablet friendly and can be downloaded as an offline version or as an app through our native app solution. This allows your readers to view your digital editions anywhere, any time! These are just four of the main features that make digital flip books such a useful tool when reaching your University’s attendees. By: Maayan Zadman, Social Media Content Writer

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