How Flip Books Benefit Hotels and Resorts

How Flip Books Benefit Hotels and Resorts

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Many hotels and resorts have found it beneficial to display their content and advertise their services on a wide variety of platforms. One of the most popular and useful platforms is a digital flip book. Flip books create a seamless viewing experience for customers and are both interactive and user-friendly. They can be viewed on all devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones (both iOS and Android). Here are some of the numerous benefits of publishing content through flip books:

1. Social Media Social media has become an increasingly popular marketing tool among companies in the hospitality industry. Actively using social media enables hotels and resorts to attract more guests, get feedback from those who have stayed with them and even interact with guests at the time of their stay. Flip books can be shared through social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter which makes it easier for the target audience to find and view them. This is a convenient way for both companies and their customers to share flip books with others at the click of a button.

2. Third Party Websites A large number of people prefer to book hotels through Trip Advisor, Expedia, KAYAK and other websites that provide similar services. These sites offer package deals to customers and help them plan out vacations and book hotels and flights. Flip books can easily be linked to those third party sites. This allows them to be viewed by a larger amount of people and attract potential customers.

3. Analytics An incredibly accurate metric reporting tool that can be integrated into ePaperFlip’s flipbooks is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides valuable data about a reader’s behavior and reading habits. Things like keyword searches, the number of visitors, clicks, page views and more are all tracked and recorded. This tool allows companies in the hospitality industry to measure their digital visibility, awareness and reach success while improving marketing strategies to further attract and appeal to new customers.

4. Countless Uses Flip books can be used to display various types of content. For example, rather than having dozens of different brochures about local tourist sites and activities available in the lobby, hotels and resorts can send flip books with this content to their clients digitally. Other uses for flip books in hotels and resorts might be menus for hotel catering and restaurants, wedding brochures, guides for members of resorts and clubs, and schedules for conferences. By: Maayan Zadman, Social Media Content Writer

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