How To Take Advantage of The Dcatalog Features To Create An Engaging Digital Magazine?

How To Take Advantage of The Dcatalog Features To Create An Engaging Digital Magazine?

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On the web, distractions and call for attentions are coming at readers from all around. Due to this, digital publishers must ensure that their digital publications are exciting and interactive. How publishers can use all the features available in DCatalog page turn publishing software to create top of the line digital editions is about to be explained so hold on! For a digital publication to be “engaging” it needs to be three things. 1. It is easy to find. Readers searching for the type of content your publication offers find it without digging. 2. It is absorbed. Readers take the time to read and experience your content because it is relevant and entertaining. 3. It causes action! Engaged readers will be motivated to do something. This could be sharing the publication, making a purchase, entering their email or a multitude of other things. The following DCatalog page turn publishing software features can be utilized to create a fully engaging digital publication.

Feature #1: SEO Profiles with DCatalog publishers may have multiple SEO profiles. You are given the ability to customize keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, and tags. These will give you the maximum search engine visibility, which in turn will make it easier for readers to find your publication when searching for content related to what you publish.

Feature #2: Archived Editions Your past editions are archived. When you convert your PDFs with DCatalog your past editions are archived in an easy to find manner. This increases the life spand of each of your publications and the reach of every piece of content.

Feature #3: Rich Media Management As a publisher you can create a truly multimedia experience within your digital publication. This feature allows you to simply embed text, photos, videos (from YouTube or Vimeo), background audio, animations, and pop-ups. Highlight colors and opacity can also be customized to create a rich media environment that appeals to the senses of your reader.

Feature #4: Real Flipping and Reading Experience Readers can be amazed with how similar their online reading experience is to their print reading experience. Features like page flip animation, realistic page turning sounds, and back shading all help to give it an authentic feel.

Feature #5: Social Media Integration You can give your readers the option to quickly and easily share content with all their social networks. Giving readers this capability not only increases readership, but also works even more to truly engage the reader. DCatalog makes integrating social media incredibly easy.

Feature #6: eCommerceFlip The epitome of true engagement is in-publication purchase. DCatalog digital magazine software allows you to integrate your shopping cart so that customers never have to leave the publication to add things to their cart. This serves you with opportunities for creative call-to-actions coupled with sales increases due to increased engagement. With all the features DCatalog offers publishers are given the chance to create a unique digital publication that takes engagement to a new level. This however is not a full list of features and benefits available through the digital publishing page turn software. DCatalog page turn software make digital publishing technology a more interactive solution that is fun to read anytime, anyplace. anywhere!  

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