Enhance your static training and HR material with a digital experience

Enhance your static training and HR material with a digital experience

How to Build a Smart Catalog?

Looking to enhance your static training and HR material to a digital flipbook? Attract employees by providing an engaging digital publishing experiences.

Technology has been quickly evolving, changing how society views and interact with new information. As the baby boomers transition out of the workforce and the Generation X and Gen Y start taking their place, the recruitment process has shaped to digital communication to reinforce a virtual environment.

As training programs transition from paperwork to digital experience, HR departments are expanding their resources and depending on the digital workspace.  Digital Catalogs promote the digital workspace by creating an interactive experience for the trainees.

Digital platforms also contribute to recruiting and talent acquisition.

 By creating digital eBook for a company, you are able to include important information about the company and share it through different social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great example, rather than posting an update that the company is hiring, create an flipbook that highlights the specialties of a specific department that you are hiring for.

Monitor Performance and Development

 Digital HR platforms are also an exceptional tool to monitor performance by observing talent development and settings measurable goals. These tools also aid in workforce analytics and planning to evaluate workplace performance and enhance the productivity of virtual workspace.

Invest in Social Responsibility by Going Green

 Digitizing your workspace is also cost-effective and environment-friendly. By creating digital flipbook for HR you are able to save on printing cost and facilitate self-help which creates a better user experience and expedites issue resolution.

Work On the “Go”

Portable storage is another important factor of digitizing HR solutions. Having media and information available on mobile devices allows information to be accessible at all times, which facilitates the information to be reviewed, searched and shared between employees.

By: Andrea Linhares |Marketing Content writer

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