HTML Catalogs: now with flipping effect

HTML Catalogs: now with flipping effect

html5-300x250 The Tech Industry Can Agree on One Thing: Flash is Dying. The eventual death of flash is inevitable and new reports predict this may be soon than anticipated. Flash has been the longtime standard when it comes to running video and rich media on the web. However, current technology has made this once central part of the early internet browsing irrelevant. In 2015 Flash experienced a decline in outputs of nearly 15 percent and expected to disappear entirely within the next two years. ePaperFlip’s HTML5 format has been redesigned and outputs the sharpest looking digital editions on the market!

-Multimedia Support The biggest advantage of HTML5 is the ability to render multimedia content without requiring any plugin or player to be installed. HTML5 supports multimedia embedding to display rich videos and media perfectly. When a flipbook is uploaded to a website viewers can seamlessly watch multiple types of rich content, hassle free.

-Across-platform HTML5 can be viewed across multiple types of platforms and devices. Flipbooks can be open and viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device. With HTML5 flipbooks with interactive features are viewable on tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices. Additionally HTML5 is supported on multiple browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. This consistency among browsers and devices allows flipbook readers to have a wonderful online reading experience.

-Offline Reading HTML5 also supports offline storage of flipbooks, allowing readers the freedom to view the publication while on the move.

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