How to Increase Your App Visibility

How to Increase Your App Visibility

We have all heard the saying “there’s an app for everything!” and it’s true. With the app store carrying over 2 million apps and thousands of other digital apps spread all across the World Wide Web, the decision is not whether or not to make an app but rather how to increase app visibility to meet your publishing needs.

DCatalog’s native application solutions are developed for the device’s specific software. For example, apps that are made to work on iOS, Android or Windows platforms are native apps. These applications often use the latest technology to keep up with the devices’ updates.

Many companies are transitioning their content to cloud supported platform such as native application where they can allocate their work for better accessibility. Marketing teams can use native applications to secure their content in Newsstand or mobile Bookshelf. Our Newsstand applications lets you simply upload your digital flipbook or digital catalog into the Apple Newsstand or into the Google Play Market.

The Newsstand and Bookshelf applications are great way to increase visibility for your digital catalogs.
By displaying your digital catalogs within a native application, the company is able to take advantage of native application benefits including: online or offline access, search capabilities, content sharing, push notification and monetization.

The application does not require internet connectivity. Your marketing team is able to access files on-the-go, at any moment even when Wi-Fi is not available.

Our native app solution also allows for items to be searched within the publication through the search capabilities tool. Browse through current and previous digital content throughout the app.

Digital Content within the native application is also easily shared! Link your social media handles and allow consumers to share your content to expand brand awareness and content visibility. Social media is a great way to attract customers to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Keep your consumers updated on new and existing content through push notification alerts. Send a direct and customized message to anyone who has downloaded your App.

A common route to increase native application visibility is to display it on the company’s homepage, linking it to the App Store or Play Store.

According to native application strategies and research, on average, 50% of users discover applications by searching for keywords on the app store, thus, ASO (Application Search Optimization) is important to increase visibility.


Furthermore, optimize in-app visibility by having screenshots or an informational video of your native application and how to use it.

Lastly, Press Releases are a successful option to reach app visibility. Reach out to media sources with a Press Release of your Newsstand or Bookstore app to market your digital content accessible to many different consumers in the field.

Want to learn more about our native applications and how your can accomplish your digital publication goals? Request a consultation today!

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