Is your business ready for the holiday season?

Is your business ready for the holiday season?

Holiday Campaign

Shopping season is upon us! As the holidays quickly approach its time to make your business’s catalog standout. Creating a special holiday issue for your customers can help you meet all of their shopping needs. Let our team help you create the perfect seasonal catalog! Here is a quick checklist for your business’s holiday success:

1. Plan ahead- make your list and check it twice! We all know the saying, planning is everything, especially when it come to the holidays. The good news is you’re reading this blog, meaning you’ve taken the first step in creating a special holiday issue for you customers. Now it’s time to put the plan into action! We suggest that you start planning your holiday campaign a least one month in advance. This allows for us to help you be ready to deploy weeks before your chosen holiday.

2. Embrace the Holiday Spirit Everyone loves a deal! We suggest you create special holiday offers and discounts just for your catalog customers. By giving a little holiday savings to your customers they will give you the gift of loyalty.

3. Go Green! Save money and go green by publishing your catalog online. Use email, social media, and your website to blast your catalog through various modes of the internet. Speedy digital access will help you meet all of your customer’s holiday demands.

4. Let your Brand Shine A holiday catalog is the perfect opportunity to let your company showcase what makes your brand unique and valuable. Let you personality shine through by implementing fun holiday accents to your digital catalog publication.

5. Understand the importance of Measuring Use analytics to measure the success of your holiday edition. Analytics can provide you with valuable insight about your customers and their shopping habits. By tracking your return on investment you can plan ahead for an even more profitable campaign next year. By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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