No Tricks – Just Treats – With DCatalog Digital Flipbooks

No Tricks – Just Treats – With DCatalog Digital Flipbooks

No Tricks - Just Treats - With DCatalog

Sometimes, designing digital flipbooks can feel like a bag of tricks. Don’t get spooked this season by creating your atmospheric digital flipbooks! Even if your content isn’t as suitable for Halloween, you can still get into the spirit of the season! DCatalog’s publishing platform creeps it real with several tools and features to design and edit your content. 

From adding rich-media elements and GIF animations, to using the platform tools to save your time, we can help you deliver an experience that engages your readers. Our solution makes it easy to design a holiday flipbooks that sets the tone but keeps your brand at the forefront.

There are several tools and features within the DCatalog digital flipbook platform that are frightfully good! Read on to learn how you can treat yourself this Halloween, instead of getting tricked.

Bewitch Your Readers    

Information changes on a frequent basis. DCatalog’s solution offers the ability to replace pages. If you notice a typo or you need to adjust an image, it is simple to replace the page. If you need to make any quick overhauls of the digital flipbook, update relevant information and product pages in real-time by adding new pages or deleting old ones. Your readers aren’t under a spell, but they might think so when they have the most updated version available on a constant basis!

Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About 

DCatalog offers an expandable table of contents to make navigation easy. Build out this expandable table of contents feature that users can access from any page within the digital flipbook. This feature makes for quick and easy navigation throughout the flipbook. Your readers will appreciate the ease of use!

Have Some Skele-Fun 

Saving yourself time is almost as sweet as candy in a bucket! With the renumber pages tool, your pages will renumber in an automatic sequence. Just set the first number in the order, then click Renumber and that’s it! Relax to your bones. Save time on manual operations and focus on other aspects of designing your digital flipbook.  

Entrance and Amaze 

DCatalog offers many amazing tools, one of which is the polygon linking tool. Add visual interest to your flipbook by outlining and highlighting complex shapes amongst the pages. This creates a dynamic and engaging experience. Entrance and amaze your readers with an eerie-sistable flipbook that they will enjoy flipping through.

polygon linking interest to your flipbook

If You’ve Got It, Haunt It

Be a friendly ghost! Design a fang-tastic lead capture form to generate leads and contact information. By creating this simple form, you know your readers are getting the content they want access to. Instead of sending campaigns into the void, create and send relevant content that will keep your readers coming back.  

No More Witchful Thinking

DCatalog offers plenty of treats to create an engaging and immersive digital flipbook. Encourage click through rates, increase revenue, and improve connections with your customers by using our powerful platform. It’s not witchful thinking!  

We would love to help you with any questions or tips on designing a boo-tacular flipbook. Time to get this party startled! Contact one of our publishing executives today to learn more.


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