eCommerce Solution for your Digital Catalog

eCommerce Solution for your Digital Catalog

eCommerce Integration

Online shopping is a norm. I’d venture to say that it would be incredibly difficult to find someone who has never bought anything online. Products of all types can be easily found and purchased from online shopping catalogs. That being said it is obvious why it is vital to have an easy to use shopping cart solution in your digital catalog. In order to create an immersive and simple shopping experience many businesses have already included a shopping cart into their digital catalogs. It doesn’t take a lot to make the most out of your e-Shop, here is what you can do. Quick and easy: Time is money. This is one of the reasons users are turning to online shopping, they don’t have time to run to the store or drive and hour to get a specific product. It’s much easier and far less time consuming to be able to get those items without ever leaving their desk; much less their house. With a digital catalog they have the ability to buy a variety of products on their computer or phone. The primary causes for a customer to leave an online shop are:

  • The cart is not saved
  • Method of payments are only showed at the end of the ordering process
  • Shipping charges are not transparent
  • Confusing rows of products and/or  hints for the buying option are not easily visible

It is helpful to your users to include a quick center of information that explains how the shopping experience works. Utilizing interactive elements engages your customer and encourages their continued use of your catalog. Allow feedback on your digital catalog: People want to know what other people are thinking, give your buyers and potential customers a platform to communicate with one another. Skeptical customers could be convinced by answers to interactive forms and rating systems filled out by happy customers. Show what you have to offer with ecommerce solutions: Showcase your products in the best light. Make it easier for you customers to make buying decisions with galleries of different colors or models. Incorporate a quiz that help connects customers to products that may interest them. If you do this be sure to allow them to share this quiz with their social networks through social media. You can even go so far to create an app making a specialized mobile shopping experience. Offer Quality: With digital publications you are not limited by page count. You can take advantage of this by including large high quality images with detailed descriptions. This gives your customers more than enough information to make an informed buying decision. Support is important: It is inevitable that a potential customer will have questions. Adding a contact form to your publication allows you to tend to your customers needs and receive data about your readers.

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