Shoppable Catalogs

Improve the Digital Shopping Experience to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

In 2020, more than 2 billion people engage in digital shopping on a day-to-day basis, and that number will only continue to rise as social distancing maintains at foothold. Before the recent surge in remote shopping, there was already a high demand for online shopping options— and as stores continue to limit their hours and […]
How to Create an Interactive PDF?

How to create an interactive pdf using flipbook software technology?

Users expect nothing less than seamless functionality in the digital age, and that’s exactly what interactive PDFs provide. Rather than simply serving as flat, two-dimensional documents, flip and interactive PDFs allow businesses to integrate responsive animation, relevant links, branding assets, get smart data on users and much more. Making a PDF that is interactive and […]

ADA Compliant Flipbooks

Digital content tends to feel ubiquitous, but it is not universally accessible. In the modern world, complying with the requirements laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is vital. To meet these standards, ADA compliant flipbooks must be screenreader friendly, adaptable, functional from the keyboard, easily […]
eCommerce Tools for Manufacturing

eCommerce Publishing Tools for Manufacturing Companies

eCommerce Publishing Tools for Manufacturing Companies In the 21st century, manufacturing companies and online sales no longer exist in separate realities—as the whole world evolves to a more digital, modern era, manufacturing companies must necessarily follow suit. Though it was already clear that manufacturing companies needed to keep their practices current in 2020, the advent […]
University Online Content

The New Normal for College & University Education

The end of the 2020 Spring Semester is quickly approaching, and while some things stay the same, there have also been drastic adjustments due to the spread of COVID-19. Families and friends are still thrilled to congratulate the 2020 graduating class, professors are determined to wrap up final grades, and the graduates are eager to […]

Save Resources, Time, and Money for Your Business

Are you exhausted of spending your marketing budget on printing? looking for the right digital publishing platform that is in your budget? You can now save resources, time and money by going digital. Resources Switching to digital content is a good way to conserve resources. One can save numerous materials such as paper, ink, and […]
How to Level-Up the Shopping Experience for Your Online Catalog

How to Level-Up the Shopping Experience for Your Online Catalog

Each day, consumers expect more and more of the online shopping experience such as more images and more interactive features on websites as technology advances and impresses. But how can brands stay up-to-date and satisfy a consumer’s constant evolving shopping demands? How can brands ensure a smooth shopping experience through catalogs? Shoppable catalogs is the […]
Its a Miracle: How to Create a Holiday Catalog

It’s a Miracle: How to Create Holiday Catalogs That Will Increase Sales

There are a few things that come to mind when we think of the holidays: trees, presents, family, and catalogs. Holiday catalogs are a staple for businesses. A holiday catalog allows you to showcase your products, inspire shoppers, and stay top of mind throughout the season. DCatalog specializes in turning your holiday catalog into a […]
A Digital Holiday Catalog: Dont Miss Out on This Seasons Selling Machine

A Digital Holiday Catalog: Don’t Miss Out on This Selling Machine

Do you want to increase sales this holiday season?  The holidays are crazy, especially for businesses. With organizations competing for billions of dollars worth of holiday shopping, the pressure is on to maximize sales. Although it’s a traditional marketing technique, we find that holiday catalogs are a tried and true way to generate holiday sales. […]