Plan Your Digital Catalog Content Calendar with DCatalog

Plan Your Digital Catalog Content Calendar with DCatalog

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2022 is moving full steam ahead and now is a great time to take a look at your marketing strategy for the rest of the year. Take a moment to explore current trends in digital publishing and content development, and center your digital catalog strategy to put together your outreach calendar. 

Plan for Holidays

It seems obvious to create content for upcoming holidays but in this case, we don’t just mean the major ones most commonly celebrated. Research fun holidays such as National Peanut Lovers Day (March 1st) or National Take Your Cat to Work Day (June 23rd). Choose a few silly or meaningful small celebrations to add into your marketing strategy. DCatalog’s platform enables you to incorporate rich media such as video clips, audio clips, gif animations, and more to bring your creative piece to life. 

Experiment with Trends

You want to create an engaging and informative atmosphere while still telling your story. Strike a balance between trendy and timeless by experimenting a little with trending topics and designs. This is a favorable way to attract a new audience while maintaining your current audience. A few trends to pay attention to are: holiday themed sales, using traditional holiday or seasonal colors (like green on St. Patrick’s Day) to color your visuals, highlighting seasonal products, or picking a few trending topics to discuss. Research your audience’s interests and plan accordingly. It’s easy to connect your eCommerce site for sales to DCatalog’s platform, or add internal and external links to your digital catalog.. You can even generate a QR code and link it directly to your content. Track what your audience is most interested in via analytics so you can refine your content calendar in the future.

Have Fun Creating

Designing a digital catalog can be daunting when you are tasked with creating content to encourage engagement and expand sales and reach. Make purposeful decisions, pay attention to timing, and focus on your audience. Most of all, have fun with it! The positive attitude will come through and make your content relatable. A few things you can try in your digital catalog: create a quiz and link users to it, make a poll on social media asking users which type of peanut butter is better and share the results in your digital edition, showcase pictures from anyone who brings their cat into work, make lists for holidays (such as Holiday Gifts for Him or Her). The possibilities are endless and with DCatalog, you can accomplish it all.

At DCatalog, we never limit your dreams in designing the perfect digital content. DCatalog’s solution can be configured and customized based on your publishing needs. Be purposeful and timely with your content outline and the calendar will fall into place. We are here to help you! Reach out to us with any questions or if you would like to discuss how DCatalog can help you to create engaging content that will wow your readers. 


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