SEO Friendly Flipbooks

SEO Friendly Flipbooks

Establishing an effective marketing strategy and an intelligent business plan is valued by any business. Flipbooks have been used by successful companies for years to increase visibility and capture the attention of their customers in a modernized fashion. Although many flipbooks produced today seamlessly help promote a business’s products and services, we have gone the extra mile by integrating SEO data analysis. Flipbooks are an effective marketing tool, which benefit a variety of brands in advertising and promotions. With the integration of Google Analytics, the benefits of digital catalogs have significantly increased. Google has various methods for ranking a website by using a complex algorithm. The search results that a customer will find can vary depending on the Google ranking for that website. This has motivated many companies to work around-the-clock to establish the strongest SEO plan for their website.


How Flipbooks can help your Google Ranking To simplify your business’s work load, we have integrated Google Analytics capabilities within our Flipbooks. When your business converts a PDF into a digital publication using our platform your flipbooks online presence can help you understand your SEO ranking. The most satisfying and useful aspect of creating a stunning digital publication for your viewers is watching the number of website views increasing daily. We understand the importance of knowledge, therefore, with our integration of Google Analytics your business can grasp just how effective your marketing plan is and its development of your online presence.


Let us help you Measure, Learn, and Grow We convert your uploaded PDF into a digital publication that can track all of your reader’s behaviors while viewing your flipbook. This will measure more than your business’s sales and conversions, it will also provide the information needed to keep your customers coming back. The data provided by Google Analytics will include information concerning how many visitors stop at your page each day as well as exactly how long they spent viewing each publication. The data will also provide you with information about which links where clicked and how often, as well as key words that where searched on your site by your customers. Your flipbook will provide your business with advanced analytics reports to track this data, so your business can be confident in making important marketing decisions. The benefits of understanding how your digital material is being consumed is extremely valuable to enhancing your websites ranking. By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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