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Sundance was founded in 1969 by Robert Redford when he purchased land at the base of Mount Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. The goal of the Sundance Village is to offer a community of art and nature that would foster artistic pursuits and recreational activity while preserving the naturally beautiful and unique environment of Sundance. At the base of the Village was a tiny store which guests would frequently write to, requesting special items they had seen while visiting Sundance. The first edition of Sundance Catalog was mailed in 1989 to offer “the kinds of things that we have been privileged to collect, many of them handcrafted exclusively for Sundance.  Our diverse collective of non-profit and for-profit entities share a commitment to independent expression, original thinking – such as digital catalogs, and to the natural environment.

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“For the areas that mattered most to us DCatalog was the clear winner. They have been pleasant to work with and responsive to our needs! ”
Digital IT Director | Sundance

The Challenge

We rely heavily on catalogs as part of our business. With the effects of the pandemic, weather, and various logistical uncertainties such as shipping and even printing the catalogs- the digital catalog has grown in importance to our business. 

We were in need of a solution that could deliver in terms of cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and features that could enhance the customer experience, as well as the production aspect. It was important for us to implement a familiar and easy-to-use e-commerce format for our customers, as we transitioned to online catalogs. It was essential for us to find a well-rounded service that could meet both our functional necessities, and our changing needs as we navigated the possibilities of the digital platform. Our experience in evaluating several options and competitors was thorough, and for the areas that mattered most to us DCatalog was the clear winner. They have been pleasant to work with and responsive to our needs. 


The Solution


Our partnership with DCatalog has been a tremendous benefit to our organization. From the time we first reached out to find out more, through implementation, and their on-going support, we have always received prompt and outstanding service. They were able to quickly integrate their technology with our site platform and incorporate the shopping experience for our customers

DCatalog has been with us every step of the way with small tweaks to the platform to support our changing needs. They were able to provide built in analytics from their platform, as well as Google Analytics, and performed a custom integration with our Adobe suite as well.

DCatalog’s white glove treatment saved us time. We provide a PDF copy of the new catalog and their staff is able to quickly go through and create all the product links far more efficiently than our staff ever could and frees us up to work on other needs within the business. It is a fully operationalized part of our business now where IT has no day-to-day engineering involvement. Our creative and production teams take care of the content as they do any other part of our site. DCatalog has consistently beat their estimates on delivery and have even worked under some very tight deadlines when the need arises.


The Benefit


DCatalog is easily one of our most effective and reliable partnerships we have today. The customer experience has transformed over the years with the addition of our website and we continued to transform last year with the addition of the Digital Catalog to our site. Their engineers are top-notch and worked what can only be described as magic to have such a clean integration with our site. 

I am always pleased to share our experience and huge success with DCatalog. Far too often IT projects end up costing extra, taking longer, or lacking in features. We have never experienced any of those issues in working with DCatalog and they are a shining star in our managed services portfolio for various reasons:

  • Seamless website integration and e-commerce implementation
  • Provides creative services & customized tools to support our digital catalogs’ needs
  • Time efficient product linking that frees up our productivity
  • Built in analytics tools with every digital catalog 
  • Reliable and prompt service 
  • Cost effective solution 
  • Unique and creative features for content creation 
  • Customer engagement tools