The Advantages Of Going Digital With Your Magazines, Catalogues And Publications

The Advantages Of Going Digital With Your Magazines, Catalogues And Publications

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Digital magazines, or online magazines are newspapers, publications, catalogs or magazines are electronically available to readers. It is incredibly convenient for readers to both read and store these versions. Additionally, they are healthy for the environment as no trees need to be cut down in to creation or distribution process. There are many benefits for publishers in creating digital magazines as they give the opportunity to make content more interesting with interactive content.

Physical Advantages

  • One of the largest positive factors of digital magazines is that they are not competing with print editions. It has been found through many studies that while readers do prefer digital editions, they are interested in holding on to printed versions when available.
  • With the growth of the digital industry, there are now numerous applications and software that serve the purpose of simplifying the lives of publishers. Page flip software is just one example of this. The software easily converts flash files, PDF files and images into 3D pages that flip just like they would in real life.
  • Digital magazines allow for a lot of flexibility in the content that can be shared. When creating digital magazines it is easy to change the number of pages while leaving the layout and format of the magazine as is. This is impossible with a printed version.
  • Publishers are able to go much farther than just image and word based content. With digital magazines it is possible to include video, flash, and images which help draw in readers in a whole new way.

Time And Cost Factors

Publishers are presented with many advantages as far as cost when they publish digital magazines or catalogs.

  • It is much more inexpensive because there are no printing or distribution costs.
  • There are no losses from unsold magazines.
  • As these magazines are distributed through the web, subscribers are able to receive them instantly. This process is much faster than the publishing and distribution of print catalogs.
  • These digital publications are available on readers and phones allowing for a new level of convenience. Subscribers have access to this digital content anytime anywhere.

Advertising And Content Factors

Geographic barriers are eliminated with the introduction of digital magazines and this is nontrivial because managing readers and subscribers from other countries is incredibly difficult to do with print editions. Additionally, digital publications ensure that there is continuity in when readers are receiving their subscription. Beyond that digital magazines help with advertising by offering advertisers the analytics of the number of clicks users had on different advertisements. Publishers are able to understand their subscribers better with the interactive online mediums and the two way communication process. The result of this is future content can be revised to better suit a publishers readers.

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