The Most User-friendly way to Digitally Communicate

The Most User-friendly way to Digitally Communicate

A Great Opportunity for Banks and Financial Institutions:

Although print magazines are the traditional form of catalogs, digital publishing is steadily increasing because it can provide clients with unique and convenient features. The majority of communication today is done digitally, allowing for accuracy and speed. Online catalogs add a personal touch, while still providing the benefits of digital technology. Digital catalogs are a great opportunity for banks and other financial institutions to reach their clients in a personalized digital space. Not sure if a digital publication is right for your company? Here are a few benefits an online publication can provide for your clients:

User friendly The user friendly format digital catalogs present can provide your clients with the peace of mind associated with convenient access to their financial accounts. With just a few clicks your clients will be able to navigate through sections, add notes, bookmarks, watch videos, search, shop or schedule appointments instantly.

Easy conversion eBook software allows you to convert your printed materials and marketing content into a unique digital flipbook experience. Our platform enables you to create digital investment portfolios, 401(k) plan documents, insurance policies, financial insight publications, banking rewards programs, and any other financially related documents into a user friendly flipbook format.

Interactive features Digital catalog technology can create a seamless experience that will amaze your clients! Top 3 features: – Improve user experience – Help increase customer acquisition and retention – Spread brand awareness rapidly. Digital catalogs have improved many financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse by increasing their digital revenue stream tremendously. Flipbooks can easily convert your existing content, while incorporating your company’s logo and branding materials. By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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