Top 10 Most Innovative Features of the DCatalog Platform

Top 10 Most Innovative Features of the DCatalog Platform

Top 10 Most Innovative Features of the DCatalog Platform

DCatalog’s  mission is to make content meaningful and publishing simple. Our digital publishing platform expands reach for clients from around the world with its innovative tools and features. DCatalog makes it easy for marketing and eCommerce professionals to use the platform as a marketing and advertising service that reaches audiences worldwide. 

Have you ever wondered what makes DCatalog a successful publishing platform and how it helps elevate your content? If yes, you’re in the right place, as we’re about to explore the 10 most innovative features of the DCatalog platform.

Top 10 Most Innovative Features of the DCatalog Platform

  • Cohesive Branding

Achieve cohesive brand management with DCatalog publishing. Customize your digital catalog within the DCatalog viewer to meet your brand standards. Tailor your logo, toolbar, navigation button, background colors, and more to your company’s aesthetic and brand standards. Mask the URL of your digital catalogs to drive traffic back to your site and help you achieve your goals of brand awareness. Stand out from the competition in every way – including how you present your digital catalog.

  • QR Code

A QR code creates a succinct solution for your business. Create an easy transition between print and digital content by generating a QR code. QR codes function as a landing page, with a customizable call to action. Once users scan the QR code, it directs them to whatever content you would like. 

Users are familiar with the act of scanning the QR code. Save money on printing costs by guiding your audience to your digital content through this code. By making mobile access just a scan away, QR codes serve as an effective way to drive traffic to your business. 

  • Introduction Page

An introduction page provides you with quite a bit of options to expand your communication to your customers. Add a customized introduction page to educate and inform your readers. Treat it as a soft sales pitch, or to describe the products and services featured inside the digital catalog.

Tell your readers tips and tricks on how to utilize the digital catalog, or advertise special promotions within your online flipbook. The page is placed on the left side of the viewer so the user can view it as soon as they access the online edition. 

  • Bookmarks

The Interactive Text Bookmark allows you to add colorful tabs to your editions for at-a-glance navigation. This feature enables your readers to easily maneuver through your content and quickly access relevant information. To make it more dynamic, there are two styles to choose from: pop-over or tab style. Pop over allows you to hover with the mouse to pull out the tab and reveal the section names on each tab. Tab style clearly displays the name of each section on the tab.

  • Expandable Table of Contents

Build an expandable table of contents (TOC) that readers open from any page in the digital catalog. Users navigate easily to their sections of interest and find important information quickly. Make the digital catalog browsing experience streamlined and efficient for your readers.

  • Table Of Content Icons

Add images to your expandable TOC sections. This provides a great visual component of the navigation features and indicates what readers can find on each page. TOC images make it easy for users to understand the content at a glance.

  • Rich Media

Ensure your readers connect and engage with your content by adding a range of media elements. Embed audio and video clips, include animations, and add pop up images. Incorporate these features easily with the online flipbook creator. Immerse your audience into a world of sight and sound, all within your digital catalog.

  • Admin Tools

Utilize the DCatalog publishing Platform admin tools to quickly and easily create your digital catalog. Edit content, add, remove, or replace pages, add links and other multimedia elements, and more. Become a designing pro with a few clicks. Embed your digital edition on your website, schedule the release of a new edition, or make updates in real time.

  • Share Content

Easily share your digital catalog to social media. Boost your content’s reach and number of views. Share your content through email. Use the mini gif flipper to make an enticing visual of your catalog in your email signature. Encourage clicks and engagement with the share feature.

  • Analytics

Use analytics to generate reports and further understand your readers. Track your readers’ behavior, including number of visitors, page views, time spent in each catalog, product links clicked-on, keywords searched, and much more. Choose from both the DCatalog platform analytics and Google G4 analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.


There are a few important features that contribute to a digital catalog publishing platform’s success. Overall, what makes DCatalog a successful platform is the value we deliver by providing an innovative and quality alternative to printing content. Cut costs, gain back money in your marketing budget, and expand your reach by utilizing the DCatalog platform. 

If you would like to see how DCatalog publishing Platform can help you make your marketing or eCommerce goals more successful, contact one of our Publishing Executives!


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