How to use YouTube videos to market your brand

How to use YouTube videos to market your brand


Nearly a decade ago, YouTube started out as a simple video-sharing site that allowed people to upload and share their content to the public. Fast-forward nine years later and now the company has made extraordinary progress in becoming one of the largest and most popular video-hosting sites on the Internet. According to YouTube, statistics show that nearly 1 billion unique users visit the page every month and 6 million hours of YouTube videos are watched- that’s nearly an hour of video time for every person on this planet. With the amount of time that people all over the world spend on this simple video hosting site, it’s no surprise that companies like Quicksilver, GoPro and even Dove have found a way to get the audience to recognize them as a brand. So what’s the secret to their success? Well, here are a couple of things that they did:

1. Thought outside the box in terms of making a video It’s a cliché to say that you should think outside the box when creating anything but it’s true. The ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign caught the attention of several women across the nation by creating videos showing how women view themselves versus how a stranger views them. The heartfelt video grew popular within weeks and had nearly two million shares by the end of 2013.

2. Keep up to date with your YouTube channel People are more likely to visit and subscribe to a channel when videos that hold intrinsic value are posted every couple days or weekly. It’s no surprise that there are several channels that have been abandoned over the years due to the lack of constant updates. According to YouTube video statistics, videos are more likely to be viewed within the first three weeks of it being published on the site.

3. Share your videos everywhere As popular as YouTube is, not everyone is going to stop by the site everyday. These companies found themselves successful by posting it on all sorts of social media sites like their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…etc. From there on, their current subscribers/fans would share the videos with their friends and family if they were captivated by it. With technology progressively advancing in this day and age, more companies are moving from traditional print advertising to digital media. The reason being is that viewing these ads, like YouTube videos, can be easily accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Seeing how this type of marketing is gaining popularity, companies like Quicksilver, GoPro, and Dove found success when using digital media advertising. Anna Huynh Content Writer

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