What Is the “Cloud” And How Could It Benefit Digital Publishing?

What Is the “Cloud” And How Could It Benefit Digital Publishing?

What is the Cloud?

Though cloud computing is something that many people use every day, there is much confusion surrounding it. The information below should clarify some of the confusion attached to cloud computing in addition to showing you what ePaperFlip has done with this innovative technology.

What is the Cloud? Anytime you use the internet to store, access or run databases and applications you are taking advantage of cloud computing. Previously the large server “warehouses” companies had to maintain ate up necessary space and profitable resources. Old technology was difficult to manage and needed considerable financing in order to keep it up. With cloud computing there is no longer a need for large servers on site and related costs are diminished. With cloud solutions on the rise, companies are able to continue their level of technological information, with the ability to revise pieces of it. The servers that companies need are now available via the internet instead of on site. Companies no longer waste time and money teaching employees, updating technology, purchasing new licenses and software, and more.

How Will This Affect Digital Publishing? Since the sharp increase of interest in digital publishing, businesses have be received some challenges. In order to publish a digital edition, an organization must find a hosting solution for the digital document. In order to host the document an organization will have one of two options: through a local servers or a stable cloud solution. If the infrastructure is in place, organizations may choose to use their own servers. This however, requires precious resources that could be better appreciated in other areas. With a cloud server companies free up resources with the safety and guarantee of an in house server. There are a great number of benefits to ePaperFlips cloud solutions for its client’s publications. With the use of ePaperFlip a publishing organization is alleviated of strict hosting charges. There is flexibility in pricing, you will only pay for the bandwidth you need and adding more is simple. As an established cloud solution, ePaperFlip will also provide rapid load times. This lends itself to a smooth reading experience. Readers have a similar experience to if they had your publications in their hands but with so much more.  

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