The New Normal for College & University Education

The New Normal for College & University Education

University Online Content

The end of the 2020 Spring Semester is quickly approaching, and while some things stay the same, there have also been drastic adjustments due to the spread of COVID-19. Families and friends are still thrilled to congratulate the 2020 graduating class, professors are determined to wrap up final grades, and the graduates are eager to transition from university life to their first careers. However, while those patterns hold true, the requirement for virtual learning has sparked a major shift in college and university administration.

With the national mandate to close out the school year remotely, teachers and administrators found themselves tasked with the unprecedented duty of converting their teaching and administrating processes into virtual learning – including transforming education materials from hard copies to digital versions.

While some colleges and universities were already prepared for digital education, most of these efforts were rushed, exposing areas of opportunity for developing digital resources and creating a new motivation to ensure that virtual content will be accessible going forward.

If this was the case for your college or university, we’re happy to share a quick and convenient option for your ongoing content migration.

DCatalog’s Digital Publishing Solutions

DCatalog is a cloud-based digital publishing software that enables you to elevate your content library by converting static PDFs into engaging, interactive digital flipbooks. Our electronic publishing platform includes a variety of integrations and capabilities that not only make your content more accessible, but enhance the delivery with real-time updates, social media sharing, HTML5 media, cross-search functionality, and more!

As an educator or administrator, the uses for online content is limitless:

  • Graduate Info Booklet:
    If you haven’t already, turn your graduate info booklet into an online resource that takes the standard information, student details, event summaries, special nominations, etc., and merges them with striking images, videos, and links!

  • New Student Orientation Handbook:
    With some remaining uncertainty for the fall semester, migrate your student orientation booklets to an online platform with registration details, new student resources, logistical guidelines, and more that can be easily accessed from any location.

  • Parent’s Connection Documents:
    Limited on-campus events also impact the parents of college students, as moms and dads can’t offer as much hands-on support for college planning. Shift to a virtual platform that includes shareable links, virtual campus tours, and more!

  • Legal & Wellness Resources:
    Make urgent resources more readily available with an online version of your legal and wellness resources, including sexual assault guidelines, associations, and programs. Expand the reach of your legal and wellness content with online libraries that include links to qualified support.

  • 2020 – 2021 School Year Curriculum:
    While we are still unsure of exactly what to expect for the next school year, there’s no better time than the present to transform your static curriculum into an engaging online platform. Streamline your content delivery with online schedules, reading guides, timelines, and more so your curriculum is accessible any time, anywhere.

Discover the many capabilities of online content for colleges and universities with DCatalog. Ensure your staff and student safety and preparedness with user-friendly digital publishing solutions that will take your educational content to the next level.


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