DCatalog Year In Review

DCatalog Year In Review

Our clients have chosen DCatalog for their digital publishing needs, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 2022 was a challenging year, due to factors like inflation, supply chain issues, and rising costs. It demanded a creative business solution, in particular for companies that print catalogs and other marketing materials. Print and distribution costs were astronomical and many industry peers turned to DCatalog for a digital catalog publishing solution that could save them time and money.  

Here at DCatalog, we are proud to work with ecommerce and marketing professionals to transform their printed materials into stunning digital content. We rose to the challenge and met it head on as we continued to provide an amazing platform for our clients. 

We helped many companies move to digital flipbooks, which helped to offset print budgets by 20%-50%, increase ROI through call-to-actions, and boost engagement/efficiency for users.

And while we look forward to the new year, its fresh changes and exciting prospects, we want to look back at the developments and changes in 2022 that got us here.

Accomplishments from 2022 within the viewer include:

We started off very strong. We added a feature that our clients have often asked us for. This is the ability to add and remove pages. Now, instead of replacing pages, the whole PDF, or using filler pages in case of changes or updates, you can add a page as needed or delete a page as needed. This makes managing and maintaining your content very easy.

Another asked after feature is the flip sound effect. Digital catalogs are close to traditional print catalogs in look and feel. Now the pages inside your online catalog make a flipping sound when you turn the page. It lends an authentic touch and makes the experience more immersive.

Our new feature, the Page Scheduler, provides a perfect way to manage your content and take some stress out of your day so you can better serve your audience. Easily schedule pages you need to replace with the page scheduler tool. This is perfect for dropping new sales or promotions in a timely manner. 

We introduced the interactive text bookmark. This feature allows you to choose the type of bookmark style you want. You can choose from pop-over or tab style. Tab style is the newest choice. This style clearly displays the name of each section on the tab. Pop over allows you to hover with the mouse to reveal the names on each tab. 

You can now rotate pages within your edition with the addition of the Page Rotation tool. This will allow you to include pages of differing lengths that are outside of the parameters of the entire document so pages in both portrait and landscape mode can be uploaded together and viewed within the platform.

Create a slideshow carousel within your digital catalog – yet another amazing feature! This allows you to create a slideshow of images that you can add to the page to show off more content without cluttering up your edition.  

These updates, changes, and additions within the viewer enabled our clients to create the content that enhanced their customers’ experience and gave a great return on investment. And we didn’t stop there!

Accomplishments from 2022 to the DCatalog Platform 

One of our dashboards – our DCatalog Analytics – got a major upgrade. We optimized our analytics version to provide the best data and reporting available. Drill down to see all of the interactions, engagements, and statistics with DCatalog’s Analytics. 

Also on the analytics side, we were ready for the integration of Google Analytics 4 (G4). Google switched its reporting data and we were able to offer a seamless transition for our clients as well. 

We added a translation feature for multiple languages so you can publish for a wider audience.

Our XML to PDF Creator makes creating a catalog from a data source easy and fast. It eliminates human error and keeps brand consistency, while streamlining the process. 

Finally, one of our biggest additions was making our viewer ADA Compliant. We have been ADA friendly for quite some time, but now our viewer is even more accessible and follows WCAG guidelines.

Looking Forward to the New Year

In the new year, we look forward to many new developments. Our 2023 roadmap is full of new features, enhanced technology stacks, and exciting goals to elevate your publishing experience above the rest.

We are pleased to continue providing you with innovative and intuitive solutions for your content. We remain committed to helping you as you overcome challenges, meet goals, and expand your publishing strategies. We wish our clients, partners, and employees a productive and happy New Year!

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