A Digital Holiday Catalog: Don’t Miss Out on This Selling Machine

A Digital Holiday Catalog: Dont Miss Out on This Seasons Selling Machine

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Do you want to increase sales this holiday season?  The holidays are crazy, especially for businesses. With organizations competing for billions of dollars worth of holiday shopping, the pressure is on to maximize sales. Although it’s a traditional marketing technique, we find that holiday catalogs are a tried and true way to generate holiday sales. However, you can bring your holiday catalog into the 21st century by turning it into a digital catalog. DCatalog has several great packages to turn your catalog into a digital flip experience.

We are here today simply to show you the power of the holiday catalog.

Use a digital holiday catalog to connect with early shoppers

Nothing is more stressful than holiday shopping. We all want to give the perfect gift to our loved ones, but it takes time and energy to find it. It only gets more stressful when juggling other seasonal activities, such as planning a Christmas dinner or attending holiday parties. It makes sense then that over 40% of people get their holiday shopping done before November.

An online gift guide can help you engage with these shoppers, by providing them with gift ideas early in the season. An eCommerce digital catalog by DCatalog will allow your customers to purchase gifts all without ever leaving the holiday catalog. They can easily plan a party and shop for gifts all at once, which will make these planners happy.

Increase sales by helping shoppers make a choice

With how stressful the holidays become, shoppers don’t always want to stress over a particular gift. They often want to find the perfect gift, but don’t always want to spend weeks scouring the Internet.

A digital catalog can be perfect for shoppers like this. These catalogs serve as a curated list of products for different people at different prices. It can help these shoppers narrow down their gifts and then purchase them straight from the holiday catalog.

Publish a digital holiday catalog to save last-minute shoppers

For every shopper than plans ahead, there is a last-minute shopper. It should be no surprise that nearly 20% of all holiday shopping happens in the last three weeks. These procrastinators will need a lot of support quickly. A digital holiday catalog can help.

When it comes to targeting last-minute shoppers with a digital catalog, you’re still looking to inspire and narrow down choice. However, with Christmas coming closer every day, the likelihood of a quick conversion increases. And with many last-minute shoppers still looking for gifts, there is a huge opportunity for you to shine.

By using a digital catalog rather than a print catalog, you also increase the ease of purchase. Shoppers can easily purchase straight from your online holiday catalog, rather than jump through the hoops of buying in-person. This is especially ideal for shoppers who are running low on time.

Assist your promotional mailings by including your digital holiday catalog

Lastly, a digital catalog will help your everyday promotionals. If you don’t believe us, ask the National Retail Federation. They report that emails featuring gift guides generated a 48% higher transaction rate when compared to other promotional mailings.

You can boost your traditional promotional mailings just in time for the New Year. This will refresh your customer’s support as the year comes to a close. As the holidays end and a new year dawns, you will be on the front of your consumer’s mind. I can think of no better place to be.

Closing Thoughts

Now that we have shown you the benefits of a digital holiday catalog, you can get started putting it together. If you need assistance getting started, check out our future post on how to begin creating your catalog. You will want to get started soon too. Google trends show that searches for holiday catalogs double after the first week in October.

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Once everything has been put together, feel free to reach out to DCatalog. We can show you how we can turn your stationary catalog into a digital experience. Our digital catalog creator will get you ready for the holiday sales rush in no time.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have any other insights to share on why you use a holiday catalog? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

By: Daniel Anaforian – Content Writer

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