Enhance your digital catalog content with DCatalog

Enhance your digital catalog content with DCatalog

Thousands of industry leading companies deliver digital content using DCatalog. DCatalog’s digital catalog software delivers an incredible, stand-out experience that elevates your digital catalog content and drives a return on your investment. Harness digital enhancements and online publishing solutions that engage your users and create a rich return on investment. Our platform is excellent for developing a strong strategy to enhance your digital catalog flipbook. Here are four ways to boost your content with DCatalog.

1. Take advantage of the digital catalog
2. Build up your email marketing
3. Consider your pricing strategy within your digital catalog
4. Automate Product Updates

1. Take advantage of the digital catalog: Moving to the online digital world can seem overwhelming, but with DCatalog we simplify the process. Simply upload your static PDFs and leverage the power of your brand by integrating your logo, colors, and brand standards to your content. Got multiple flipbooks that you’d like to showcase in a library format? We’ve got you covered! Offer flipbooks in a multi-publication aesthetic armed with advanced features like search term filters, category selection, and cross-library search. DCatalog’s digital catalog software enables you to easily and instantly create branded, digital experiences that supercharge any PDF into a stunning online flipbook. Once your digital flipbook is ready, quickly share to social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest and build curated digital catalog that appeals to your users!

Enhance your digital catalog content with DCatalog

2. Build up your email marketing: Although social media seems the quickest way to connect, the best way to reach new customers in real-time and target specific customer bases is to utilize email marketing by sharing your digital catalog. Use DCatalog’s online flipbook creator to create a digital catalog with stunning visuals, such as pop-up images, gif animations, and video clips that catch the eye of your readers. Digital catalog publishing allows you to add content to pages without clutter and offer your reader enhanced views of smaller images on your existing pages. DCatalog’s easy to use platform allows you to share your beautiful edition via a link and include a gif flipping image. You can include this as part of your email signature to generate clicks on your edition and drive traffic back to your site to help you achieve your goals of brand awareness.

3. Consider your pricing strategy within your digital catalog: With all of the hard work you have done to create products and design a way to share them, the most important factor when it comes to selling your products is often price. Offering deals and sales will generate excitement for your products. Luckily, DCatalog offers tools that automatically link SKUs seen within your content directly to product landing pages. We can also integrate with your existing eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Volusion, etc.) and create an in-catalog shopping experience that will allow users to purchase products directly from the digital catalog itself! DCatalog makes the shopping window or connects it’s with an existing Quick-View Window, so it’s tailored to your company’s needs. Whether be customizing the shopping window that can identify your product by item size, color, price, stock, reviews and more, DCatalog does the integration on your behalf (no coding on your end required). You can even feature pictures and video demonstrations within your shopping window! With DCatalog’s viewer and our Shoppable digital catalog technology, you can have easy access to the back end of the platform, where you can update the catalog in real time and keep the products evergreen. !

4. Automate Product Updates: Creating print catalogs is not always an easy process but creating a digital catalog is not only easy, it’s effortless. Digital catalogs are a powerful marketing tool. DCatalog’s sleek and powerful technology will turn your catalog PDFs into interactive, branded, digital shopping experiences. With add to cart and easy checkout functions, customers can add items to their cart with a click for a seamless checkout experience, including the ability to edit cart information in the digital catalog. Streamline the product linking process using our link recognition tool to search for product ID and SKU numbers and instantly create corresponding links, saving you hours and labor. Provide shoppers with an up-to-date product experience by crafting top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored and optimized for your audience and niche shopping channels. Sync your product data to your existing eCommerce platform and they will automatically update in DCatalog’s platform. This remains a powerful tool to drive traffic and sales.

With a pivot to digital catalogs and digital catalog publishing, business owners are forced to think several steps ahead. Digital catalogs are steadily becoming the touchstone strategy for publishing material; they provide an engaging and interactive experience for your users versus stagnant print materials. Transform your static PDFs into online catalogs for an interactive experience that will turn more users into buyers. Enhance your digital catalog, increase sales, level up marketing, and boost productivity so your sales funnel is as seamless as possible, and your reputation is as strong as your product lineup. DCatalog’s platform simplifies and improves the processes to accomplish the end goal of your business and help to build brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is what ultimately guides consumers to choose one brand over another – and it’s a powerful tool for companies. If you would like to learn more about how our platform can assist you in your goals, please contact us or book an appointment with a sales representative at a convenient time for you.

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