How To Reduce The Size For PDF? Ultimate Guide

How To Reduce The Size For PDF? Ultimate Guide

making a PDF file smaller

Are you having trouble with large PDF files? Perhaps you’ve created a PDF document, but it takes up too much disk space, making storing, sending, or downloading difficult. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people want to make PDF files but struggle with making PDF files smaller.

Why Shrink the File Size of a PDF?

You might want to compress the size of a PDF for several reasons. 

First and foremost, large images can make the file size of the PDF much larger, which can make it difficult to share or upload. This can be especially problematic if you are trying to email the file, as many email clients have size limits on attachments. Secondly, large images can slow down the performance of the PDF when it is being viewed or edited. This is because larger images require more memory and processing power to display or manipulate. Finally, reducing the size of a PDF image can also improve the overall quality of the document. This is because smaller images are often crisper and more detailed than larger ones, which can make the document easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing.

They are commonly used for creating digital documents that can be easily accessed, viewed, and shared across multiple devices. While PDFs are an excellent file format for many purposes, they can sometimes be cumbersome to work with due to their size. In particular, images embedded in PDFs can be quite large and may make the file difficult to work with or share. In this blog post, we will look at some of the best ways to reduce PDF file sizes.

How to Reduce the Size of a PDF?

There are several methods you can use to reduce the size of a PDF. Here are some of the most common:

1. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is one of the most popular PDF editing tools available. It is a powerful software suite that includes a range of tools for creating, editing, and manipulating PDF documents. One of the features of Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ability to compress PDF images.

To use this feature, simply open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro and select the “Tools” tab. From there, select “Optimize PDF” and then choose “Optimize Scanned PDF”. This will open a new window where you can adjust the settings for compressing the images in the PDF.

2. Use Online PDF Compressor Tools

If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, there are several online tools you can use to compress PDF images. These tools are generally free and easy to use, and they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

One of the most popular online PDF compression tools is Smallpdf. This tool allows you to upload your PDF file and then choose the level of compression you want to apply to the images. You can choose from several different levels of compression, depending on how much you want to reduce the file size.

Another online PDF compression tool is PDF Compressor. This tool allows you to upload your PDF file and then choose the level of compression you want to apply to the images. Once you have selected your settings, you can then download the compressed PDF file.

3. Use Image Editing Software

Another way to reduce the size of a PDF image is to edit the image itself. This can be done using image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

To use this method, you will need to open the image file in your chosen image editing software and then resize the image to a smaller size. You can also adjust the image quality settings to reduce the file size even further. Once you have edited the image, you can then re-save it as a new file and then embed it back into the PDF.

Some Websites Will Have Built-in PDF Compression Software to Host Larger Files Online

One example would be, which serves as an online hub for businesses to host their PDF catalogs/brochures. Not only will large PDF files be automatically compressed, but the website will also allow for customizable features after publishing. This particular PDF tool is a game-changer for businesses dealing with large PDF files that want to streamline the sharing process without compromising the quality of the content.

By letting DCatalog take on the workload of compressing large PDF files, businesses can focus on their core competencies without having to worry about the technicalities of compressing files. DCatalog’s compression tool is easy to use and can handle large file sizes with ease, making it an ideal solution for businesses dealing with multiple large PDF files.

In addition to its compression tool, DCatalog offers a range of other features and tools to help businesses manage their digital PDF content. From digital publishing to content management, DCatalog provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can help businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency. With DCatalog, businesses can take control of their digital content and make the most of their resources.


Why would I want to reduce the size of a PDF?

Reducing the size of a PDF can be useful when you need to share the file but it is too large to send via email or upload to a website. It can also save storage space on your computer or device.

What causes a PDF to be large in size?

A PDF can be large in size due to factors such as high-resolution images, embedded fonts, and excessive metadata.

What software can I use to reduce the size of a PDF?

You can use a variety of software to reduce the size of a PDF, including Adobe Acrobat, Preview on Mac, and online tools like Smallpdf or PDF Compressor.

How do I reduce the size of a PDF using Adobe Acrobat?

To reduce the size of a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, go to “File” > “Save As Other” > “Reduced Size PDF”. You can then choose the compression settings and save the file.

How do I reduce the size of a PDF using Preview on Mac?

To reduce the size of a PDF using Preview on Mac, open the file in Preview and go to “File” > “Export”. You can then choose the “Quartz Filter” option and select “Reduce File Size”.

Can I reduce the size of a PDF without losing quality?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the size of a PDF without losing quality by using compression settings that preserve image quality and reducing unnecessary metadata.

What should I do if my PDF is still too large after compression?

If your PDF is still too large after compression, you can try removing unnecessary pages, splitting the PDF into smaller files, or using a different compression tool.

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