From Printing Physical Copies to Putting Your Flipbook Online: How COVID Changed the Digital Publishing Experience

From Printing Physical Copies to Putting Your Flipbook Online: How COVID Changed the Digital Publishing Experience

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COVID-19 has changed our content consumption. With sensitivity to print items escalating, businesses have pivoted to find a new way to get their content into the hands of their customers. Over the past 9 months, it is a sure bet that you have consumed more content online than you have by reading printed materials. There are a couple of reasons why: online content is more accessible and it is quicker to put out. Online flipbooks are steadily becoming the touchstone strategy for publishing material; they provide an engaging and interactive experience for your users versus stagnant print materials.

Previously, businesses published a hybrid of print and digital materials. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and germ transfer, it is necessary for companies to focus their strategy with more digital publishing to find a way to minimize touching physical copies. DCatalog’s online flipbooks allows businesses to continue to publish these pieces of content while also maintaining safety for their staff and continuing to reach out to their audience. While in the past, an online flipbook may have been a side project or a supplement, now it is the best way to communicate while allowing customers to experience content on the comfort of their own devices. The publishing industry has already been evolving over the last decade – COVID-19 has only pushed an urgent need for a radical disruption.

What Digital Publishing Offers

Pre-COVID, the digital landscape seemed largely to belong to Millenials and Gen Zers. But amid the pandemic, with a reduction in print circulations, closed bookstores, and other print editions being in limited availability, accessing content online is now becoming the norm for a variety of consumers –Gen X and baby boomers got onboard. Digital publishing offers diverse solutions and options compared to print publishing. With digital flipbooks, you can take your content to the next level, enhance the experience, and personalize the content for your users.

Even before the challenges brought about by COVID-19, widening gaps between revenues and print ad budgets have pushed companies to rethink their strategies to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape. Now with digital publishing rising, many print publishers and businesses are beginning to accept this is the new normal.

Re-Strategize for the Way Forward

COVID-19 has presented many trials for the publishing value chain. With the sheer volume and variety of content being created, new ways of distribution have to be considered. Digital publishing allows consumers several options for accessing content. The pandemic has meant that brick and mortar stores are closed and printing is down. Keeping consumers engaged has shifted from advertisers to the business owners themselves. Re-strategizing now needs to happen to generate revenue and ease the financial burdens. Consumers and readers in today’s digital landscape appreciate a wide range of reading options, including a combination of data, visualization, moving images, audio, and interactive text. Using this time during the pandemic is perfect to drive engagement and connect with your audience and create captivating content. Businesses that put these efforts into building relationships with their audience have more opportunities to differentiate themselves from competition and build rapport with customers.

Print publishing may not be prevalent currently, but that doesn’t mean that audience engagement has to decline. DCatalog makes it simple to publish your PDF flipbook online and share it with your users. This streamlined digital publishing experience will reach more users and inspire brand loyalty despite the present circumstances.
To see the profound impact that putting your flipbook online can have for your consumers’ loyalty and your conversion rates, get started with DCatalog today.

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