Get a QR Code Integrated within your Online Edition Today!

Get a QR Code Integrated within your Online Edition Today!

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QR Codes are showing up all over the place and they are great way to drive traffic to your digital magazine. These black and white pixel rich images of barcodes are seen around the world and the reason is obvious. Why type a long unpleasant URL when you can simply scan a barcode to gain immediate access across all your mobile devices?
Now you can provide instant access to your custom-made digital magazine by storing your flipbook’s URL within a barcode. A QR Code can hold your eBook’s URL information within a small collection of dots called data pixels, or QR code Modules. Thanks to our strong HTML5 technology, you can easily retrieve your flipbook’s content from the cloud to be viewable by tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Kindle Fire devices. Your page turning software is 100% supported by the most current HTML5 technology, allowing for this easy transfer among multiple mobile devices.

What is QR Code? QR Code is short for “Quick Response,” named after its purpose of reading code quickly. A simple two-dimensional barcode can contain over 4,000 characters, which is several hundred times more than a conventional barcode! Your smart phone can easily read a QR Code to open a URL or display text. QR Codes are enabled with high speed, 360 degree reading technology, allowing your phone to instantly recognize the barcode from any direction.

How can I Create a QR Code for my Flipbook? You can now easily add a personalized QR Code to your digital magazine for instant mobile access. Our user friendly back end system allows you to make quick changes to your flipbook’s settings. Our QR Code generator software will help you customize a barcode for your digital magazine to strategically place on either the front or back cover page.

Do QR Codes Support International Use?
Absolutely! QR Codes where originated in Japan and have been internationally standardized now. A QR Code is set to ISO-18004 standards, making the code usable anywhere in the world. By placing a QR Code in your flipbook you can instantly share your magazine globally on mobile devices. By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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