Digital Catalog Holiday Shopping Spree!

Digital Catalog Holiday Shopping Spree!

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Recent trends are reflecting an increase in online shopping sales for the 2015 holiday season On average online retailers experience 10% more in sales compared to their in-store competition. This year online holiday shopping sales are up 26% and Cyber Monday sales have been experiencing a year-after-year 16% increase. The forecast is great, providing extensive opportunities for business owners. No longer do holiday shoppers have to lose sleep or fight the crowds to enjoy Black Friday deals. Many retailers are providing a relaxing shopping experience for their customers to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. In 2015 it’s expected that 66% of Black Friday shoppers plan to stay at home to do their shopping online. Of these savvy stay-at-home shoppers, 25% plan to do so from their mobile phones or tables.

Retail industry experiencing excitement over digital catalogs: A 12% increase this year, of Black Friday shoppers, are planning to do their shopping with digital catalogs. Digital catalogs can provide consumers with an interactive, and enjoyable shopping experience from home, while still receiving the full benefit’s Black Friday offers. Digital catalogs provide customers with the ease of filtering through pages, the ability to watch videos and demos of products, and even listen to music.

Wait no longer! It turns out many shoppers are not waiting until Black Friday to start the shopping season. 30% of consumers started shopping before Halloween! This holiday season is a great opportunity for your business to begin creating a fun and unique digital catalog to represent your brands personality. By: Heather Robinson, Social Media Content Writer

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