How to Create Digital Flipbook for Business Guide

Create Difital Flipbook for your business

Digital flip books are a great way to showcase your business and products. Use digital catalogs to connect with your client base. Provide accurate information within your publication. Create a space for your employees to stay up to date.  Share your content across social media channels.

Save time and money by converting a PDF into a digital flipbook instead of printing. It’s also safe to point out that most advertisements received in the mail get tossed. Yet, a digital flipbook is everlasting. If you haven’t yet, consider using digital catalogs alongside printed content.

Design a publication that stands out. An edition that intrigues your readers and helps you to increase revenue and ROI. This article discusses how to create a digital flipbook for your business. 

Find a good digital publishing platform

It is very important to find a high-quality digital publishing platform.  This type of platform delivers across all categories. DCatalog has you covered in your search for the best digital catalog software .  Our solution simplifies digital publishing. The digital flipbook viewer delivers an outstanding experience for your users. Once you have created and designed your PDF, upload it into our platform. You can start designing it within minutes.

We offer many tools and features to make designing easier. Use easy-to-create templates to put together your flipbook. Add navigational elements. Integrate multimedia options. These tools make designing your digital edition a breeze.

Create a digital flipbook that uses your logo and reflects the look and feel of your brand. Best of all, replace, add, or delete pages as needed. Your business content always stays current and informative for your users.

Make your digital flip book interactive

Design an interactive digital flip catalog, or other digital content. DCatalog integrates with rich-media tools. A few ways to make your digital edition interactive are to add video clips, audio clips, or GIF animations. Record a welcome message to your audience or showcase your products via video. Insert GIF animations that draw attention to any items of note. Audio clips can set the mood that reflects your content. Adding interactive elements causes engagement to rise. Customers immerse themselves in the content.

Our platform offers many navigational elements. You can use an expandable table of contents so users can pull out the table to see all the content sections. Choose between two different bookmark settings, each which offers an array of information. Add external and internal links within the digital flipbook. Link your content within its pages or to outside sources.

Turn your digital flipbook into an eCommerce juggernaut

Make it easy for your customers to view your products, browse, and shop within the catalog. With DCatalog’s solution, they can even check out right from the catalog. Integrate your digital flipbook with your eCommerce platform. Customers can browse and buy within your catalog. Our solution offers many tools to digitize your B2B content. Use our XML to PDF tool to create and design your digital catalog.  Cut down on the time you spend converting your products to a digital flip book.

Or, design a shoppable PDF and use our shopping cart technology or quote and order form solution. Add interactive elements such as video clips to increase engagement. Organize your stock information each day at the click of a button. Customers have the most updated information available. Create a virtual library so that all your content is in one place and is searchable. Optimize your product feeds. Give your customers an updated product experience, every time.

Create a digital flipbook for your business that stands out. Increase engagement and help your customer base interact more with your content. DCatalog has plenty of options to help you do that. Level up your content and drive sales and revenue.  Contact one of our Publishing Executives to learn more about everything we offer.

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