How to Create Interactive PDF Online? Answered

How to Create Interactive PDF Online?

Users expect nothing less than seamless functionality in the digital age, and that is the exact thing provided by interactive PDFs. Instead of the mere simplicity of serving as flat, two-dimensional documents, flip and interactive PDFs allow businesses to integrate responsive animation, relevant links, branding assets, obtain smart data on users and much more.

Making a PDF that is interactive and engaging, in the midst of an online world that offers many decisions for shoppers, is an ideal option for every industry and business. From magazine publishers looking to engage their readership to eCommerce titans hoping to boost their sales, flipbook software technology is the key to unlocking content that will resonate with today’s target markets.

There are a number of options when it comes to creating your interactive online PDFs. Most of these options, like Adobe and other desktop publishing software programs, are limited in their “interactive” and “customizable” capabilities. The ultimate final product is still basic and static. With DCatalog’s digital publishing solution, PDFs become engaging and interactive online experiences that match your specific industry, processes and operations. Keep reading to learn how to create interactive PDF files that stand out to your audience.

What is an Interactive PDF?

First, let’s talk about what a PDF is. A PDF is a portable file document. Its primary use is when you need to save files to a document that cannot be edited in an easy way. 

A PDF is taken one step further than just a file-saving document portal when you add rich-media content to it. When you make interactive PDF files, you create a document that uses rich-media elements such as GIF images, video clips, audio clips, pop up images, clickable buttons and links, fillable forms, virtual libraries, and more to make it engaging. An interactive PDF has similarities to a digital web experience.

However, a document with clickable links and GIF images is still just a static document. PDFs themselves are clunky relics of a bygone internet era. In our modern online world of social media and snap decisions, scrolling up and down through static PDF documents wastes more time than its worth. And our time is precious. PDFs are hard to share as well, because they require a download in order to open them. With so many people utilizing their phone to do just about anything, the prospect of downloading a file onto your smartphone is not appealing in any way.  Best of all, you can track the data and usage of your digital flipbook. Now you can see just how your audience engages with your interactive PDF content.

What Software is Needed for an Interactive PDF?

Interactive PDFs go even further when you convert them to flipbooks, or online flip documents. In order to convert the PDF, you will use a digital publishing software program, like DCatalog’s Here, the PDF is no longer static, but looks like an actual printed book or magazine. You can flip the pages, and even hear the sound of them turning over. You can interact and engage with the material provided in the flipbook. 

How Do I Share an Interactive PDF?

You can share a PDF interactive online edition in an easy and quick manner by sending out a link. Users click on the link and are transported with immediacy to the content. That link is able to be embedded on your website, shared through social media platforms, or shared through email.

Creating Interactive PDFs with DCatalog Online 

Creating interactive PDFs with DCatalog couldn’t be easier. What is DCatalog?

DCatalog is an automated digital publishing platform loaded with interactive features to help you elevate your content and drive a return on your investment. Our number one priority is  to create engaging and smart digital documents. With a single click, you not only can make PDFs that are interactive and engaging, but you get the added benefits of white label delivery, real-time automation, eCommerce integration, and top-tier security for your online content. When you build interactive PDF files with us, you get the ultimate guide to help you to level up sales and marketing!

How to Create an Interactive PDF?

To create an interactive PDF with DCatalog, you first need an account. If you already have an account, upload your PDF into your account. Any links you added into the PDF will transfer to the admin portal. Once you upload your PDF, it becomes an interactive flipbook.

Key Interactive PDF’s Features

When you make interactive pdf files, you will discover the range of interactive PDF features for a smarter, streamlined approach to online content delivery, including: 

  1. The option to add multimedia (video /audio);
  2. Customized animation to catch the user’s eye (GIF images);
  3. Linking capabilities for in-content navigation;
  4. An expansive, expandable, and clickable table of contents;
  5. Colorful bookmarks for sectioned content navigation;
  6. Data tracking for user behavior insights;
  7. ADA compliance that meets accessibility guidelines.

Digital Flipbooks Styling Options

And, once you have learned how to create interactive pdf files and convert them to engaging digital flipbooks, you will find a variety of styling options for your specific objectives:

  1. Online flipbooks;
  2. Online catalogs;
  3. Digital magazines;
  4. Newsletters;
  5. Brochures and flyers;
  6. Guides and manuals.

A PDF interactive online edition also gives you the option to incorporate customizable features based on business industry:

  1. Manufacturing;
  2. Automotive;
  3. Marketing;
  4. B2B and Wholesale;
  5. B2C and Retail.

And so many more business industries that will benefit from your choice to build interactive pdf files!

Interactive PDFs’ Integration Options

Creating interactive PDFs also enables you to design an online shopping experience with an expansive selection of integrations:

  1. Polygon linking to outline and highlight complex shapes within your catalog;
  2. Order form technology with direct email settings to connect to your sales team;
  3. Simple Add to Cart options that sync with your eCommerce platform;
  4. Shopping windows for extensive and exciting product features.

For a user experience that feels more authentic, our digital flipbooks give audiences the sensation of skimming through a physical catalog, while allowing them the option of instant navigation to the content they are most interested in.

Now that you have learned how to create interactive pdf files that are engaging and instrumental in driving more sales, DCatalog can help by integrating eCommerce functionality. In addition, we can provide valuable analytics into KPI’s, such as the pages visited with the most frequency and navigational behavior.

Wrap Up

When creating interactive PDFs for your business, you must choose the service that best aligns with your specific needs. The static PDF process has grown outdated and clunky. Finding the time to transfer all of your static content into an online version is easier than ever with DCatalog’s digital publishing platform and you will provide your end users with an experience that’s premium.

DCatalog is the next level solution for your online content library with innovations that enhance your digital presence and production services that take the weight off your shoulders.

Making a PDF that is interactive and engaging on our platform is designed to be intuitive and painless, so you can get as much value as possible out of your digital content. Get started by creating your first interactive PDF today or contact one of our Publishing Executives to help you get all the information you need.


What software is needed for an interactive PDF?

To convert the PDF intro interactive one you will use a digital publishing software program, like DCatalog. An interactive flipbook will let you flip the pages and even hear them turning over. You can interact and engage with the material provided in the flipbook.

How do I make an interactive PDF editable?

To make an interactive PDF editable, you may use online services as DCatalog for turning your PDF file into interactive one.

How do I share an interactive PDF?

You can share an interactive PDF through email, social media, or by hosting it on a website or file sharing platform like DCatalog.

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