How to Level-Up the Shopping Experience for Your Online Catalog

How to Level-Up the Shopping Experience for Your Online Catalog

Each day, consumers expect more and more of the online shopping experience such as more images and more interactive features on websites as technology advances and impresses.

But how can brands stay up-to-date and satisfy a consumer’s constant evolving shopping demands? How can brands ensure a smooth shopping experience through catalogs?

Shoppable catalogs is the solution. It is challenging to combine shopping with browsing, but with shoppable content, you can help bridge that gap, turning browsing into an interactible experience. With shoppers being able to browse while also adding items to their cart and purchasing those items, brands can fulfill their customers’ desires with a simple solution–digital catalogs.

The process to create an in-catalog shopping experience that can be launched to thousands, is effortless compared to spending the time and costs of printing paper catalogs and shipping to thousands of consumers. 

To show you how useful it can be, DCatalog has put together some tips that can help you to enhance your user experience in an instant!

#1 – Alluring Imagery

#2 – Noticeable Animation

#3 – Quality Customer Experiences 

#4 – Polygon Linking 

#1 – Alluring Imagery

There are so many ways to present your content in creative ways, and make your PDF the best it could be. There are several ways to allure your audience through any pictures you could imagine, plus browsing and shopping opportunities for your customers.

You can take on a more modern look, clear pictures, add video icon for product demonstration- anything you can imagine, you can publish. Whether it be a massive amount of small products or a single product, your goal could reach out to anyone, impressing them with the accessibility and a beautiful layout throughout the catalog. Just upload your PDF and make it shoppable from a unique link!

Customers can enjoy flipping through your catalog, adding products instantly to their shopping cart and see what they are interested in with a click of a button. With your strong brand identity, you will be able to engage your customers, which is crucial to being successful in a unique way.

Based on ragan, more than 60% of people are visual learners, including pictures in your PDF will allow for a comfortable browsing experience that increases how memorable your product will be.

#2 – Noticeable Animation

Adding animations allows an interactive twist to your typical static commerce. Not only does it engage customers, but also allows brands to showcase their unique styles and deals however they would like. Looking at a static catalog is something, but seeing it move will up the user experience from fun to exciting. In order for customers to reach the highest level of satisfaction, we found that clients who used animation in their catalog got 65% more engagement from their readers and the time spend on each page increased.

According to Nielson Norman Group, users stay on web pages 10-20 seconds before getting bored and moving on. With that said, you can turn the tables around and only spend 10 seconds setting an animation to your catalog so that users will stay for much longer on your catalog. 

Along with this, ragan states that 90% of online shoppers say that seeing videos enable them to make a better decision of whether to purchase something or not. Add video demonstration of your product/s will make all different. 

Allowing users to be engaged with your online catalog will up the time they spend looking through your content.

#3 – Quality Customer Experiences

Making your customers happy is probably one of your first priorities, and with DCatalog’s interactable options such as inserting links and having an accessible shopping cart at hand, this is possible. 

After looking in the eyes of your viewers and consumers, all they want is an easy way to shop and browse and feel entertained while at it. With our services, that is an attainable goal. 

Our solution allows us to directly integrate with your existing eCommerce platform to sync with your shoppable catalogs for a seamless shopping experience. 

#4 –  Polygon Linking 

Dazzle consumers with Polygon Linking- with Dcatalog you can outline and highlight complex shapes of your products to capture your customers’ attention and increase engagement. Adding this to your online catalog will capture the eye of your shoppers and present your catalog in a uniqe way.

Your customers will be able to click on any shape you insert on your catalog and will be taken to any website you choose in an instant.

Closing Remarks

With the market getting tougher and tougher to compete with, using products like DCatalog is the future that will get your brand out there in an instant. 

One thing is for sure, though: allowing potential clients to browse while shopping is the key to level up your sales and achieving the best customer experience that will catch their eyes in an instant.

By: Leah ReinhardContent Writer

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