Jumpstart Your Holiday Marketing Content with Digital Catalogs

DCatalog Year In Review

Another summer has come and gone already. School started back in session. We are settling into routines that precede the holiday season. Two years on from Covid, we are starting to feel very much back to normal. But, this year shopping for the holidays may look a bit different. According to reports, e-commerce sales will account for 20.4% of global retail sales by the end of 2022. We can expect holiday purchases to start earlier, because of inflation.

Inflation will increase prices. Thus, purchasing gifts in December will be more expensive than in October. For that reason, consider preparing your business for the season now. Get ahead of typical sales trends. Jumpstart your holiday campaign planning. Design a holiday edition or digital flip catalog that inspires your shoppers.

Holiday editions of your catalogs add to the festive atmosphere of the season. These catalogs help consumers narrow down their choices. Curated lists provide inspiration and relieve the stress of finding that perfect gift. By designing a personalized holiday insert, you forge meaningful connections with your audience. DCatalog will help you jumpstart your holiday marketing strategy. Here, we explore a few ways to do that.

Start Early

You’ve heard the adage “the early bird gets the worm.” Begin to market sales and deals for your business early. This gives you a bigger competitive advantage. Start planning your holiday marketing campaign now. A stunning holiday-centric catalog or digital lookbook will attract customers and drive sales.

DCatalog’s XML to PDF solution is an effective way to make a holiday catalog. The PDF creator solution offers you the fastest way to publish a catalog from a data source. Save time and money. Use the efficient catalog templates to execute your planned holiday campaign.

Focus on Iconic Designs

Everyone knows that shopping for that special gift can be both a joy and a stressor. That’s why curating a gift guide is a wonderful idea that will appeal to your consumers. Studies show that 8 out 10 shoppers prefer personalized content. Highlight products that are relevant to their needs. Customers love to browse holiday collections. Draw on the nostalgia and whimsy of the season. Create a beautiful digital display of your products and services.

DCatalog’s powerful platform allows you to create an iconic gift guide. Our interactive solution enables you to upload a static PDF and transform it into an online flip experience. Provide a personalized and captivating shopping experience for your clients. Our viewer is intuitive. We offer the ability to enhance your lookbook with many elements.

Incorporate GIF animations by adding arrows or other whimsical objects to your pages. Choose holiday colors that capture the merriment of the season. Include coupons or other sale items. Encourage your readers to use the crop feature. They can clip those coupons and print or email them to save on purchases.

Use GIFs, links, video clips, audio clips to create a digital lookbook that inspires.

Create a Selling Machine

The most important aspect is the eCommerce connection. DCatalog offers a powerful eCommerce integration. Turn your holiday content into an impressive shoppable product catalog. Link to items so users can check out from your catalog without leaving.

The product management software provides ease of use. Manage and maintain your product offerings. Organize your stock information. Design shopping windows that come alive with custom product fields. Highlight product features, add descriptions, and pricing. Insert video clips to show your products. Shoppers will get a visual, immersive experience when browsing your holiday catalog.

For any printed materials, tie them into your digital flip catalog by using a QR code. Shoppers scan the QR code on a printed brochure, postcard, or mailer and go right to your digital catalog.

Add, replace, or delete pages. Update links and information. Do it all in real time. Your users can use the same link to access your content. No need to send out a new link. 

Heighten the propensity for interactivity. Turn your digital flip catalog into a selling machine with increased functionality. Take your sales and ROI to the next level.

Get Started Today

DCatalog’s platform helps you to accomplish these goals. You can get started today and be ready in no time. Your holiday content will be available for your buyers to browse and shop. The best part is that you can manage and maintain your content to update it as needed.

Reach the right consumers at the right time. Jumpstart your holiday marketing campaign. Design a stunning lookbook. Turn it into a selling machine with DCatalog’s powerful platform. We would love to help you get started. Contact one of our Publishing Executives today!

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